Xbox 360 vs. PS3 by Steven C and Nino S.

The latest gaming sensations, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are making gamers go crazy, but which is better PS3 or Xbox 360? First, Xbox beats the PS3 in price at $299 while the PS3 is $499. But PS3 strikes back with a more powerful CPU, and lots of experts say that CPU is extremely important for game systems. By the way, PS3’s RAM is twice as fast as the Xbox 360’s allowing it to do more things at a time. Although, the advanced CPU of the PS3 is extremely difficult to program games for, which means that the PS3 games will come out weeks, if not months after their Xbox 360 versions.

Here are some opinions:

Benedict: I strongly recommend Xbox 360 because there weren’t any problems with Xbox 360!

Win E: I like PS3 because the graphics are cool and it’s faster than Xbox360.

Nicko: Xbox360 because there were not any problems while I was playing it.





Less CPU

More powerful CPU

Slower RAM

Fast RAM


Win E


As you can see, PS3 has better quality; however, what gamers are saying about Xbox360 is that it doesn’t affect the game. What is your choice, Xbox360 or PS3?

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Franklin said...

I have a PS3 and think it's great but might eventually get a 360 too. They're both are systems worth getting, I think!

Franklin K