Orphanage Care Givers- Sara

The Orphanage care givers are starting very soon. It is going to be every other Wednesday. What the Orphanage Care Givers do is go to the Pakkred Babies Home, where they can play with little kids and walk around with them on the little playground right beside the home. A lot of these kids were either abandoned when they were young or their parents could not take care of them. All of the children are very cute and adorable. Last year and the year before, the Orphanage Care Givers was a big success. About 12 kids signed up for it, and it was a blast. The kids at the baby home got very attached to the students. They even started to cry when they left. These kids are well treated and get all the necessities they need. They are looked after and cared for when they are sick. The Pakkred Babies home is a great place to go to make little kids happy! If you are interested in going, you should see Mr.Straub as soon as possible because spaces are limited. The Orphanage Care Givers will be starting on September 10, Wednesday right and will last from after school till around 5ish.Those of you who take the bus home will easily be back in time for the late bus. It is free of charge and a reminder for all of you who want to go, bring a water bottle with you because you will get extremely thirsty. Make sure you go!

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