Mosquitoes by Margaret

Everyone gets upset with mosquitoes that are disgusting, as skinny as an ant, that bites you every time you stay in the same position for more than a moment. It is really itchy, but if you keep scratching it, blood will come out and you’ll get a scar. I’ll tell you how to make mosquito bites go away quickly and interesting facts about mosquitoes.

To tell you how to make the mosquito bites go away quickly is something like:

1. Get a few ice cubes

2. Use a washcloth or some kind of other cloth to hold the ice.

3. Hold the ice against the bite until it is numb (for a few minutes)

4. Move the ice to the next bite

5. Repeat icing the bites, just to be sure. Now it will go away and never come back!

Now I’ll tell you some interesting facts about mosquitoes.

1. There are over three thousands of different kinds of mosquito bites.

2. A mosquito wing beats 300 to 600 beats per hour.

3. Male mosquitoes don’t bite.

4. Mosquitoes do not transmit HIV/Aids.

5. A male mosquito can find females by listening to the sound of their wings beating.

Isn’t it cool that there are these facts about mosquitoes that we didn’t know?

I never thought that male mosquitoes don’t bite. Also, if you ever get bit by a mosquito, use these ways to make the mosquito bites go away faster than just leaving them and scratching them.

For more information go to: http://www.orangecountyfl.net/cms/DEPT/hfs/mosquito/MCFacts+.htm and http://ww.ehow.com/how_4434342_mosquito-bites-away.html

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