Pluto is it a Planet or Not? - Anurag & Vignesh

Everyone in school has learned that Pluto was a planet. Scientists always change their minds about everything—it seems. Let’s see what other people say about Pluto.

Brett: Pluto is not a planet, it is an ice ball.

Andrea: Yes it is a planet.

Ms.Watts: No, I don’t believe it is a planet. My students say that it is not.

Zack: it is a small planet.

James: It a meteor.

Mr. Straub: It is a planet but the definition keeps on changing.

Ms. Kelsey: It is a planet that’s what we learned in school.

George: Pluto is a moon.

Daniel: Pluto is a planet and I don’t care about it!

Grace: I don’t know I think it is a planet.

Mr. Souza: Pluto is not a planet. It is just an Icy rock.

Mrs. Roong: It is a planet it just keeps changing.

Khun Kaew: It is that’s what we learned in school.

Mrs. Salli Baker: it has been changed .No it is not a planet.

Sally: it is a planet.

Paul: it is a planet.

Nino: It is not a planet. That’s all I know

After reading what 17 people said, only 7 people said it is not a planet. In fact, IT IS NOT A PLANET ANYMORE. You know what this means? It means all the books in the library will have to be changed. It is a big loss for I.S.B. So do not check out any book about Pluto from the library.

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