What is the weirdest thing middle school students at ISB have done? By Grace

Ever wondered what’s the weirdest thing a middle school student at ISB has ever done? Well, some students have agreed to spill the beans about their deep, dark, weird actions.

6th grader M revealed that she threw up while watching the movie The Incredible Hulk (poor Hulk).

Raimy, also from 6th grade, said that she took the Yearbook into the bathtub, and Oda said, “I said ‘the lurrrrve’ with my front teeth out.”

Oda was also caught laughing till she cried when she heard that 7th grader S screamed in the middle of a Disney on Ice show (when she thought it was time for an interval). Anurag, also from 7th grade, answered coolly that answering this question (“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?”) was the weirdest thing he’d done.

7th grader Sasha slapped another student when she asked him if he was from the 6th grade, and said that was the weirdest thing he’d done- while Win said he hadn’t done anything weird. Several students said they didn’t know.

Khun Ed admitted that she once walked into the wrong class and stayed there for the entire period. The weirdest thing I’ve done is probably walking into a locker room full of high school students when I thought PE was the next period (needless to say, it wasn’t).

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?

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