Your Class Next Term? By Sasha

Thinking about what to do next quarter for a class? Look no further than this class, as it’s a possible choice for you. This class teaches you the skills needed to achieve a good piece of improvisation, something you will heavily elaborate on during your time in this class. Just ask the many people who have been in this class for one or two years, and then see how much they compliment this class. In fact, I am taking it this quarter, only to find a whole new side to classes, as this class really brings out the real you. You basically make new friends and have fun! The benefit to this class is that you learn how to jump into a situation immediately, and can improvise different things, which can teach you about teamwork, and most importantly how to handle real-life situations.

I took this class and wondered what I was supposed to do. I took this class in my previous school and it was downright horrible. I expected more or less here, but now that I’ve seen it, it has changed me forever. It will surely do the same for you too. Consider this class for next quarter, because this class is DRAMA THEATER SPORTS!!!!

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