Xbox 360 vs. PS3 by Steven C and Nino S.

The latest gaming sensations, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are making gamers go crazy, but which is better PS3 or Xbox 360? First, Xbox beats the PS3 in price at $299 while the PS3 is $499. But PS3 strikes back with a more powerful CPU, and lots of experts say that CPU is extremely important for game systems. By the way, PS3’s RAM is twice as fast as the Xbox 360’s allowing it to do more things at a time. Although, the advanced CPU of the PS3 is extremely difficult to program games for, which means that the PS3 games will come out weeks, if not months after their Xbox 360 versions.

Here are some opinions:

Benedict: I strongly recommend Xbox 360 because there weren’t any problems with Xbox 360!

Win E: I like PS3 because the graphics are cool and it’s faster than Xbox360.

Nicko: Xbox360 because there were not any problems while I was playing it.





Less CPU

More powerful CPU

Slower RAM

Fast RAM


Win E


As you can see, PS3 has better quality; however, what gamers are saying about Xbox360 is that it doesn’t affect the game. What is your choice, Xbox360 or PS3?

Why Our School Has Life In The Middle? - Anurag & Pranav

Do you know why our school has life in the middle? We’ll tell you about it in the next paragraphs. Life in the Middle is most likely the homepage of every laptop and PC. You can read the latest news on this new website ~ isblifeinthemiddle.blogspot.com. The old website has been abandoned and the latest news will be on this new website.

The main idea of having Life in the Middle is that you get updated news about school. We will give the latest news from the school and the writer gets to practice writing, which can improve his/her writing skills. It can also the teach writers how to edit pictures and how to research in proper words. This is a great skill to learn from teachers or other students. Let’s hear what the other people need to know.

Tim- There are a lot of articles to write about and it is so interesting. You don’t get any homework. The teacher is polite and kind.

Vignesh- I like this class because you can learn how to write better and publish things on the internet. I also like this class because you get to find out the latest news.

Nino- I felt relatively good. I picked this class because it would fit in well with photography. I like it because it gives me a chance to try journalism.

So, why don’t you go and check out the new website of LIFE IN THE MIDDLE?

Funny Comic Cartoons by: Matt and Robbie

Ever just get tired of reading suspense, horror, fantasy and science fiction? Sometimes you just have to laugh aloud to kill the silence. Pick up a funny comic book cartoons that make you laugh like Calvin and Hobbes, baby blues, Garfield and Bazooka Joe are hilarious and will have you on the floor laughing your head off.

Ever just get tired of reading suspense, horror, fantasy, and science fiction? Sometimes you just have to laugh aloud to kill the silence. Pick up a funny comic cartoon that makes you laugh like Calvin and Hobbes, baby blue, Garfield, and Bazooka Joe are hilarious and will have you on the floor laughing your head off.

They’re hilarious and will have you on the floor laughing your head off. Calvin and Hobbes are my personal favorites and I can read comic after comic until there is no more. It’s more than a book, it’s a comic book. It has pictures that entertain you and it can give you great ideas. This will help you if you are in drama class or theater sports. Below are some examples of funny cartoons. If you are interested in reading some you can check them out at the ISB middle and high school library.

Ever just get tired of reading suspense, horror, fantasy and science fiction? Sometimes you just have to laugh aloud to kill the silence. Pick up a funny comic book cartoons that make you laugh like Calvin and Hobbes, baby blues, Garfield and Bazooka Joe are hilarious and will have you on the floor laughing your head off.

The US Open –Win E. + Pranav.S

This year’s US Open is back! After the Australian Open, the French Open (Roland Garros), and the Wimbledon, the US Open is next in the line of this year’s fourth and last Grand Slam. The US open is one of the oldest and most well-known tennis tournaments; dating back to 1881. The winning prize for the singles tournament is $1,500,000 which is about 50 million baht! The first prize for mixed doubles is $420,000 and for mixed doubles is $150,000. Approximately 600 men and women will be competing for the prizes. The US Open is played at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York City. It uses a hard court called DecoTurf. This surface is faster by having less friction and having a lower bounce rate. This makes it better for serve-and-volley players. The main court of the tournament is the Arthur Ashe Stadium which seats 24,000 people. Court number 2 is the Louis Armstrong Stadium; it used to be the main court before the Arthur Ashe Stadium was build.

This year, Rafael Nadal was named the new first seed after Roger Federer’s four and a half year reign. But he was sent back home in the semi-finals after losing to Andy Murray. On the contrary, Federer beat Novak Djokovic to go into the finals. It turned out that Roger Federer has stood his ground by winning the title for his fifth straight US Open by easily beating Andy Murray. As for the women’s title, Serena Williams captured it with a win against Jelena Jankovic.

For ISB, the BISAC tennis team will be starting in the second semester somewhere around February or March. There’s also the Panther Tennis which you could join all year round. The Thailand Open is coming up in only a few weeks. Watch it and tune up your skills!

House of Sports Book Review - Raimy

This book was part of a homework assignment. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have ever read it. Firstly, I’m not a big fan of sports, so why would I read about it? When I grabbed this book off the shelf and looked at the cover, it didn’t look very fun. “This is only for homework,” I thought, trying to be patient. It was a pretty thick book. However, now, when I think back, I pat myself on the back for reading it.

House of Sports by Marisabina Russo overwhelmed me entirely in a way no other book ever did. The beginning of the book didn’t really grab me. It was about basketball, grandmothers, and family relationships. This wasn’t my safe zone. House of Sports was only the second book I read that was sports fiction. Still, this was a homework assignment. I had to read it. Therefore, trying to keep my eyelids up, I read on. Around the fifth chapter, where the grandmother with the weak heart was introduced, I started getting interested. The main character was Jim Malone and his weak, 82 year old grandmother. Jim loves playing basketball, but not studying. He was a sports kind of guy. On the other hand, his brother, Pete Malone, gets straight A’s all the time. Nana, from France, calls the Malone house ‘House of Sports’. Nana was a champion swimmer until the war had begun. However, because she was Jewish, she was banned from all swimming pools. The World War 2 killed both her parents and her family except for her sister. So, with her sister, she ran to America and had Jim’s mother. Nana loves watching Jim run down the court furiously with a basketball in front of him, dribbling madly. However, one day, after Nana shows Jim an opera and her secret laptop, the House of Sports gets a phone call from the hospital about Jim’s Nana.

“Is this the Malone house?” The nurse on the phone asked coldly.

“Yes,” Jim’s mother said nervously, recognizing Nana’s nurse’s voice.

“Your mother has had a stroke a few minutes ago, and she is in the hospital right now. If you wou--”

Jim’s mom dropped the phone. It crashed loudly on the bare kitchen floor, and the cord broke off. When she turned to tell Jim the news, her face was pale and hot tears were starting to form in her eyes. Jim, his mom, dad, and older brother, Pete, all rushed out into the car and drove off to the hospital.

Nana was lying down on a cot in the hospital, her face even paler than moms’, her skin all wrinkly. It just got worse from then. Nana moved into a home for “old people”, as Jim called it. The hospital couldn’t help her. She was too old and too weak for surgery.

One sunny day, minutes before Nana passed away, the member of the House of Sports sat around her. All they did was shed tears on her white wrinkly skin. Just then, Jim burst out, “We can’t do this. You have to let her go. If the people she loves doesn’t let her go, she’s nowhere, not in the sky, not on the land, just hovering.”

“Jim’s right.” Mom agreed.

“Hearing is the last sense to go. We should whisper what we want to say in her ear.”

Everyone did. Nana sat up from her bed, took three short deep breaths, and fell back, all the breath gone out of her.

The ending made me appreciate my grandparents so much. This book almost made me cry. I suggest this book if you need a good cry or a warm feeling in your heart.

Do you eat here, or bring food? By Sasha

Do you like food here? No? Do you think it’s too expensive? Do you bring your own food? Well, as a matter of fact, I bring my own lunch. I am not encouraging you to do so, but I think it’s a good thing once in a while to bring your own food. I know this because the baht is getting stronger and stronger, and as prices continue to rise, the food here may become too expensive. Every once in a while, it would be a good idea to bring your own food from your own menu at home, just to get away from eating school food.

I wouldn’t necessarily know what the school’s menu is these days, but I sure as heck know it doesn’t have my type of food on it. The only thing I think I would like would be the Continental section. I can’t eat pork, so that may be a part of it, but I still refuse to eat school food. So what do you eat for school these days? Or are you like me? Eating home food whenever you please? Yeah, that’s the life for some of us. Maybe someday it’ll be the same for you, given the fact that your opinion is as good as mine. To criticize one’s opinion isn’t nice, so try to understand. The select few of us who bring our food to school don’t necessarily HATE the food, but rather prefer their own food. I think that is understandable (considering I do that myself).

Hopefully, the food at home can come to school sometime. It gives you an idea of what kids eat at home, what food they like to eat, and most importantly their culture. And as ironic as it seems, you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their lunch!

Orphanage Care Givers- Sara

The Orphanage care givers are starting very soon. It is going to be every other Wednesday. What the Orphanage Care Givers do is go to the Pakkred Babies Home, where they can play with little kids and walk around with them on the little playground right beside the home. A lot of these kids were either abandoned when they were young or their parents could not take care of them. All of the children are very cute and adorable. Last year and the year before, the Orphanage Care Givers was a big success. About 12 kids signed up for it, and it was a blast. The kids at the baby home got very attached to the students. They even started to cry when they left. These kids are well treated and get all the necessities they need. They are looked after and cared for when they are sick. The Pakkred Babies home is a great place to go to make little kids happy! If you are interested in going, you should see Mr.Straub as soon as possible because spaces are limited. The Orphanage Care Givers will be starting on September 10, Wednesday right and will last from after school till around 5ish.Those of you who take the bus home will easily be back in time for the late bus. It is free of charge and a reminder for all of you who want to go, bring a water bottle with you because you will get extremely thirsty. Make sure you go!


Global War Crime by Ethan and Afek

ever wondered why and how the world is suffering from global warming? If so, have you ever wondered what will happen? Everybody in the world refers to this over pollution as global warming. Global warming, as we all know, causes many problems including stronger hurricanes, higher temperatures, Rising sea levels, polluted air and water. but it isn’t just these. here are a few interesting effect of global warming:

the well-known effect of global warming is extreme weather conditions. stronger hurricanes become more frequent and stronger. at times these hurricane’s wind speeds can increase to 56 meters per second.

Another major effect on global warming is the ice cap thinning. due to the rising temperatures, the ice caps of the north and south poles start to melt. this causes an even greater issue which causes the earth’s seas to rise. It is said that in the near future, 2020, water levels will have risen to the point where cities on the coast will go under water.

A very intriguing effect of global warming is the amount of animal species that could be at risk of extinction. About 20-30% of all the species in the world will be under the risk of extinction. this is probably because of the massive amount of co2, and the higher temperatures.

the effects of global warming involves an abundance of money. the cost to repair things after serious disasters may exceed their expected budget. The cost to upgrade the maintenance of roads, rail lines, airport runways, pipelines, AND ELECTRIC wires to withstand the physical effects of global warming will also cost a load of money.

Many students at ISB have feelings for global warming, whether they are scared of it or pretend the changing problem isn’t there. We had asked a few students here in middle school what their opinions were on global warming.

Ramy stated, “I think global warming is bad because it will kill everybody and i don’t want to die because of the heat.”

Matt and Toey declared, “we don’t really think of global warming as an issue we will have to deal with now.”

Benedict said, “i’m worried but not too worried because not much is changing.”

“I don’t want anybody to die from too much heat,” Christian stated.

Sara said, “i am worried about global warming because one day the earth will react to our doings and will do bad back toward us and what if the trees start giving of toxin.”

in conclusion, the disaster that has been thrown upon us is affecting our lives every day. even the smallest thing could help. what is happening in our world are just mistakes catching up with society. the mistakes are irreversible but can be decreased.

do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to be part of………..

the end!

Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment” By Benedict

I just finished reading a book called Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment. The book was written by James Patterson. The book is about 6 friends who are 98% human and 2% avian. Their names are Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel. Max is the oldest member of the flock (a name they call themselves). Fang is the second oldest. Iggy is third oldest. He is blind from some tests the white coats (evil scientists) did on him to improve his night vision. Iggy is also really good at making bombs. Nudge is the fourth oldest. Gasman is the second youngest and Angel is the youngest. They 2 are the only ones that are related by blood in the flock. Gasman can imitate any sound he hears perfectly. Angel and read your mind. In this book, the flock has to save Angel from erasers (evil half wolf half man creatures made by the white coats to hunt down the flock) that have captured her. On the way they are going towards the erasers, they learn a lot about their real families and what has happened to them.

I think that this is a really good book because they explained in really good detail, and it never gets old. Some books make you just want to stop reading and just get it over with but this book does the exact opposite. I like the way they how if one good thing happens, a bad thing happens. It keeps the book from going boring. Not many people read about it or even heard about it but it is the best book ever written.

Did you know that a visiting author came to I.S.B? By: Tim

Did you know that Marc Joel Levitt came to visit us on Monday, Sept. 8th? He talked to us about peer relationships and Bullying. He works as a writer, storyteller, educator, radio host, T.V host, filmmaker and land use activist. He lives in Wakefield, RI and NYC. He uses books to try to teach students in the U.S and at International Schools about violence, nonviolence, bullying, diversity, and peer pressure. He will also be coming to talk in our classes. I think his stories are funny and every one of them has a moral. If you want more information about him, you can check out this website: http://www.marclevitt.org/

What you can do at lunch By: Tim

Most people are bored and don’t know what to do at lunch time. All they do is stay in the cafeteria until the next period. Here is an idea. You could go and exercise like play soccer at the field. Well, sometimes there is a problem because now it often rains really hard and you can’t go out and play. But you can still can go to the gym and play basketball. You actually have lots of choices to do at lunch especially when it is long. You could go to the library and do your work or read. Here is what some people do at lunch time

Christian: I play soccer

Ben: I play basketball at the gym

Steve: I play chess

Nino: I play basketball

Tim.A: I eat until the next period

Ethan: I go play basketball

As you see, there are a lot of other things that you could do instead of staying at the cafeteria so be active and exercise.

American Idol gets revved up with more ‘girl power’- by Grace

Do you enjoy watching some American Idol? Well, you’re not alone. According to a website that sells American Idol tickets, for the week of January 22-28, American Idol airs on Tuesday and Wednesday clinched the top 2 spots for the top 10 shows on television (as rated by their viewership), with 32.6 and 33.87 million TVs tuned in respectively.

And for these millions of people (and you, maybe), there’s cause to be getting excited as American Idol gets fresh new blood on the judging table. You might be a fan of Simon Cowell and his sharp criticisms, or Randy Jackson with his laid-back style, or even Paula Abdul, the lone female in the trio- but soon you might have converted to Kara DioGuardi’s fan base.

Kara who, you may ask. Well, she is the songwriter behind many popular singers’ songs. Stars (some even Grammy-winning) like Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Pink, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Pussycat Dolls, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Natasha Bedingfield, Ashley Tisdale, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, Clay Aiken, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias, Nick Lachey and Marc Anthony (yes, the list is extensive) have recorded and released her songs. And she’s going to join Paula as an AI judge as she helps rev American Idol up with some more girl power.

The executive producer of American Idol, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, revealed that they had originally intended four judges for American Idol, and Simon Fuller (creator and executive producer) was quoted as saying, “We are turning the heat up on Idol this year and are thrilled to welcome Kara to the judges' table… She is a smart, sassy lady, and one of America's most successful songwriters. We know she will bring a new level of energy and excitement to the show.”

Joining her fan base or not will have to wait until the next season of American Idol airs on television, when fans around the world will finally get to see the new judge and how she’s like. Kara herself said she was flattered to think Idol selected her, saying, “I mean, when I got the call, I thought they were calling the wrong person.” She also added, “I'm just gonna have my opinion, be honest and I don't foresee any problems. I'm really excited about this, and up for the challenge.”

Are you up and ready for American Idol’s new judge?

Information taken from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/25/kara-dioguardi-american-i_n_121145.html (picture was taken from here as well), http://www.americanidoltickets.com/idolnews020107.php and http://www.americanidol.com/news/view/?pid=1393.

What do you want to read about on Life in the Middle? By Grace and Shawnie

Have you ever felt that the articles in newspapers and websites are so boring and wished that there could be more articles suited to your interests?

Well, we at Life in the Middle would like to give you the opportunity to give us your ideas and what you want to read about.


First, we asked some of our friends and classmates as well as people like Mrs. Kelsey the librarian and the counselors what they’re interested in reading on an online portal like Life in the Middle.

Student JJ, a 7th grader, shrugged and said that she wanted to read about “cool stuff” on the blog.

6th grader Raimy said, “I want to read reviews of magazines.”

Three 8th graders were approached for comments. One of them, who wants to remain anonymous for this article, said, “I want to read about what good movies are showing now and interesting things, like the biggest and smallest objects.”

Another, J, said, “I want to read about current events and interesting facts,” while Pichaporn mentioned current events, interesting and surprising news about the school and things that we should be aware of but don’t know yet.

Librarian Mrs. Kelsey said, “I want to know what’s happening in ISB middle school and not world news, which I read every day anyway.” She also added that she wanted to read about the impressions and experiences new students at ISB have had.

We then approached the counselors Mr. Estin and Ms Baker what they wanted to read about.

Mr. Estin said, “Well, I would like to know about clubs, activities and Saturday sports updates. Also, as a parent, I would like to read about cyber safety. I would want to read about the results of a survey about the new cafeteria.”

Ms Baker suggested articles about kids’ interests and worries.

When Mr. Straub was approached at the SOAR Center, he said, “I want to know what kids are thinking about and feeling.”

Ms Ulster, who teaches Yearbook and Humanities, says, “I want to know how the first month of school has gone for the students of middle school and what students like- their favorite movies, books and music. I love entertainment!”

If we didn’t get a chance to ask you, or you want to contribute more of your ideas, comment on this post now! Upcoming: watch out for Grace asking middle school students to spill the beans about the weirdest thing that has happened to them or the weirdest thing that they have done. She may ask you

Picture was taken from Google Images and edited.

Pluto is it a Planet or Not? - Anurag & Vignesh

Everyone in school has learned that Pluto was a planet. Scientists always change their minds about everything—it seems. Let’s see what other people say about Pluto.

Brett: Pluto is not a planet, it is an ice ball.

Andrea: Yes it is a planet.

Ms.Watts: No, I don’t believe it is a planet. My students say that it is not.

Zack: it is a small planet.

James: It a meteor.

Mr. Straub: It is a planet but the definition keeps on changing.

Ms. Kelsey: It is a planet that’s what we learned in school.

George: Pluto is a moon.

Daniel: Pluto is a planet and I don’t care about it!

Grace: I don’t know I think it is a planet.

Mr. Souza: Pluto is not a planet. It is just an Icy rock.

Mrs. Roong: It is a planet it just keeps changing.

Khun Kaew: It is that’s what we learned in school.

Mrs. Salli Baker: it has been changed .No it is not a planet.

Sally: it is a planet.

Paul: it is a planet.

Nino: It is not a planet. That’s all I know

After reading what 17 people said, only 7 people said it is not a planet. In fact, IT IS NOT A PLANET ANYMORE. You know what this means? It means all the books in the library will have to be changed. It is a big loss for I.S.B. So do not check out any book about Pluto from the library.

What is the weirdest thing middle school students at ISB have done? By Grace

Ever wondered what’s the weirdest thing a middle school student at ISB has ever done? Well, some students have agreed to spill the beans about their deep, dark, weird actions.

6th grader M revealed that she threw up while watching the movie The Incredible Hulk (poor Hulk).

Raimy, also from 6th grade, said that she took the Yearbook into the bathtub, and Oda said, “I said ‘the lurrrrve’ with my front teeth out.”

Oda was also caught laughing till she cried when she heard that 7th grader S screamed in the middle of a Disney on Ice show (when she thought it was time for an interval). Anurag, also from 7th grade, answered coolly that answering this question (“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?”) was the weirdest thing he’d done.

7th grader Sasha slapped another student when she asked him if he was from the 6th grade, and said that was the weirdest thing he’d done- while Win said he hadn’t done anything weird. Several students said they didn’t know.

Khun Ed admitted that she once walked into the wrong class and stayed there for the entire period. The weirdest thing I’ve done is probably walking into a locker room full of high school students when I thought PE was the next period (needless to say, it wasn’t).

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?

Picture from Microsoft Clip Art.`

Disney’s Cruise Line by Shawnie

Do you need a good place for a vacation? Well, you can go to Disney’s Cruise Line for a 3 day trip on the sea. The boat will be headed for Disney’s private island, “Castaway Cay” in the Bahamas. This island is filled with things you can do with your family: riding on a banana boat, snorkeling with the fish, or just lying on the beach and getting a tan. During your trip to this paradise island, you can enjoy yourself on this amazing cruise line. There’s an indoor movie theater showing all of Disney’s latest movies, a kid’s club were little children can play games, draw and do specific activities. There’s also teenagers lounge where you can hang out and meet new friends. For the parents, there’s a SPA and a fitness center on the top floor. When it’s time to blow the horn, Disney’s horn isn’t just a simple ‘Whaaa’!!! It is a seven note melody to the song “When You Wish upon a Star.” This is a great place to have a vacation. Ask your parents to take you on this once in a life time trip.

Upcoming Movies to Watch- by Grace

Do you feel like you’re sick and tired of school homework and you’re just longing for a break? Well, you can look forward to the week-long October Break which stretches from the 18th to the 26th of October. In fact, you might already be planning things to do during this break.

One of the things you might want to do is catch a few movies that come out in October. Here are a few you might want to check out.

On October the 3rd, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a Walt Disney Pictures film, will be released. It’s about a Chihuahua, Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore), from Beverly Hills who lives the high life and doesn’t even notice Papi, a fellow Chihuahua who’s “head over paws” in love with her, until she gets lost in Mexico and Papi sets out to find her. Sounds like an Elementary/Middle School-aged romance-cum-adventure lover’s catch!

For those who love adventure and fantasy, here’s City of Ember, about a city where people live in a seemingly endless world of glittery lights. However, the city’s once-powerful generator of light is beginning to fail, and two teenagers must search Ember as fast as possible to unlock the mystery behind the city’s existence, and help the people to escape before they are all thrown into eternal darkness. This film stars Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, and Tim Robbins, amongst others. Adventure seekers and fantasy lovers out there, this is a film for you!

Last but not least there’s something more people might have heard about- High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which is slated to come out on the 24th of October. Join Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, Corbin, Monique and the rest of the HSM cast in the third (and allegedly final) installment of the Disney phenomenon, where a basketball championship, prom and spring musical take place. If you liked the first two movies in the series, why not check this out?

With this plethora of upcoming movies available for you on the Internet, you can be more than ready when October Break swings around…

All information and pictures from upcoming films are taken from http://www.comingsoon.net/movies.php.

Operation Smile by Raimy

Join the Operation Smile club and help people with cleft pallette. This is an all year project for the whole middle school if you choose to do it. Mrs. Baker is the advisor that works with this club, so go ahead and talk to her.

ISB started emphasizing the importance of smiling 5 years ago. The first thing that came up was called Smile Week, when the students thought about how healthy it is to laugh, to smile, and then they thought, how good it would feel to give someone else a smile?

Operation smile is a project known world-wide, and supported by lots of different schools. Surgery is given to children and adults with facial deformities called Cleft Pallette, and Cleft Lip. This is when the roof of your mouth remains split open. Babies with these deformities usually don’t grow that much because they cannot hold and suck their bottles. It’s sad to think that the adults who come to get surgery have had the trouble of eating and speaking through their whole life. A group of doctors, dentists, nurses, and speech therapists come to help the children. The operation costs about 8,000 baht per person. Last year, the students working for Operation Smile raised almost 800,000 baht. There were bake sales, garage sales, and two sixth graders had a recital and everyone who came to watch paid.

Operation Smile is a great way to get involved. For more information, you can google “operation smile,” and find out more about it! Give people a normal smile on their face!

Your Class Next Term? By Sasha

Thinking about what to do next quarter for a class? Look no further than this class, as it’s a possible choice for you. This class teaches you the skills needed to achieve a good piece of improvisation, something you will heavily elaborate on during your time in this class. Just ask the many people who have been in this class for one or two years, and then see how much they compliment this class. In fact, I am taking it this quarter, only to find a whole new side to classes, as this class really brings out the real you. You basically make new friends and have fun! The benefit to this class is that you learn how to jump into a situation immediately, and can improvise different things, which can teach you about teamwork, and most importantly how to handle real-life situations.

I took this class and wondered what I was supposed to do. I took this class in my previous school and it was downright horrible. I expected more or less here, but now that I’ve seen it, it has changed me forever. It will surely do the same for you too. Consider this class for next quarter, because this class is DRAMA THEATER SPORTS!!!!


What are these small miraculous little gadgets good for? Well first of all they are good ways to load all kinds of stuff: homework, essays, reports, etc. These flash drives can store up to millions of projects depending on what how big the flash drive is. They have 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and even 8GB!

I think these things are miracles, but let’s see how some other people reacted.

Sasha said, “Flash drives are very useful, and have knocked floppy disks out of business with their

compact design.”

Afek calmly described them as miracles.

Ethan said, “I love flash drives. One of my flash drives is wrapped up in a double mint gum wrapper.

People keep asking me where I got it.”

Robbie said, “I wish I had cooler flash drives, all of mine are so old!”

As you can see some people like them and some people don’t. Flash drives come in all different shapes and sizes:



WII Remote







There are so many flash drives to choose from so hurry up and get yours today.

Google's New Web Browser, Chrome by: Robbie

Google has just come out with a new web browser, Chrome. Many people have downloaded it just because it’s from Google, like I did. Google chrome is not the most appealing web browser like Opera, internet explorer, Firefox, and Safari, but it has many shortcuts that makes surfing the web easier.

If you have multiple tabs open in one window, when one crashes, none of the other tabs crash. This has happened to me many times with Firefox and Internet explorer, so this will save time. Google put the tab buttons above the address bar, not below like every other browser has done. The default home page for the browser and the new tab page has the most visited sites in little thumbnails. To the right there are recently closed tabs. This makes getting to a site easy, if you just open the browser up or open a new tab.

In the address bar, when you are typing in a URL address, it gives suggestions, even if you haven’t been to the site on that computer. Also, if you want to search Google, but aren’t at the Google site, type what you want to search in the address bar, it searches Google if there is not a www. or .com, .org, etc. this is handy because in other browsers the Google toolbar takes up a lot of space in the browser.

It’s more fun if you learn it yourself, so go and download Google chrome, for FREE. I recommend watching the tutorial videos and learn all the cool little things that make this browser better than the rest.

Protest Effect on Schools in Bangkok - Toey

The schools in Bangkok were closed on the 3rd and 4th of September. Some of them remain closed on the 5th. Why? Because of the protests going on in Bangkok. This is causing the school faculties to think that it would be dangerous for students that may have to pass through the mob because it could be along their usual path back and forth to school. At first, the protestors had not intended to have it become a violent cause, but it seems like it has become more than they can handle. Parents in Bangkok are disappointed that their children cannot attend school regularly because of politics, but the protestors do not look like they are going to give up until they get what they have been asking for. Clashes between the pro- and anti-government supporters left one man dead and 45 injured, and this is why the City Hall ordered, as a precaution, for 435 public schools to remain closed for three days; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, ISB is still open because we are far away from the hectic situation and there isn’t much danger or harm towards us currently.

Video Games Good or Bad- Christian

Video games are fun, we all know that. It is not bad to play for an hour. It is actually good for reflexes and things that apply to them. For example: a guitar. You need to play fast, and so you can practice with video Games. But there, of course, is a bad part. You cannot play too much. Some kids play up to 8 hours a day. Some times more. It separates you from the world. I know someone who played so much, he fainted. A man played for 2 days straight without food or water. Only a diaper. He died. You see? Playing too much is bad.