Do you eat here, or bring food? By Sasha

Do you like food here? No? Do you think it’s too expensive? Do you bring your own food? Well, as a matter of fact, I bring my own lunch. I am not encouraging you to do so, but I think it’s a good thing once in a while to bring your own food. I know this because the baht is getting stronger and stronger, and as prices continue to rise, the food here may become too expensive. Every once in a while, it would be a good idea to bring your own food from your own menu at home, just to get away from eating school food.

I wouldn’t necessarily know what the school’s menu is these days, but I sure as heck know it doesn’t have my type of food on it. The only thing I think I would like would be the Continental section. I can’t eat pork, so that may be a part of it, but I still refuse to eat school food. So what do you eat for school these days? Or are you like me? Eating home food whenever you please? Yeah, that’s the life for some of us. Maybe someday it’ll be the same for you, given the fact that your opinion is as good as mine. To criticize one’s opinion isn’t nice, so try to understand. The select few of us who bring our food to school don’t necessarily HATE the food, but rather prefer their own food. I think that is understandable (considering I do that myself).

Hopefully, the food at home can come to school sometime. It gives you an idea of what kids eat at home, what food they like to eat, and most importantly their culture. And as ironic as it seems, you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their lunch!

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