Protest Effect on Schools in Bangkok - Toey

The schools in Bangkok were closed on the 3rd and 4th of September. Some of them remain closed on the 5th. Why? Because of the protests going on in Bangkok. This is causing the school faculties to think that it would be dangerous for students that may have to pass through the mob because it could be along their usual path back and forth to school. At first, the protestors had not intended to have it become a violent cause, but it seems like it has become more than they can handle. Parents in Bangkok are disappointed that their children cannot attend school regularly because of politics, but the protestors do not look like they are going to give up until they get what they have been asking for. Clashes between the pro- and anti-government supporters left one man dead and 45 injured, and this is why the City Hall ordered, as a precaution, for 435 public schools to remain closed for three days; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, ISB is still open because we are far away from the hectic situation and there isn’t much danger or harm towards us currently.

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