What do you want to read about on Life in the Middle? By Grace and Shawnie

Have you ever felt that the articles in newspapers and websites are so boring and wished that there could be more articles suited to your interests?

Well, we at Life in the Middle would like to give you the opportunity to give us your ideas and what you want to read about.


First, we asked some of our friends and classmates as well as people like Mrs. Kelsey the librarian and the counselors what they’re interested in reading on an online portal like Life in the Middle.

Student JJ, a 7th grader, shrugged and said that she wanted to read about “cool stuff” on the blog.

6th grader Raimy said, “I want to read reviews of magazines.”

Three 8th graders were approached for comments. One of them, who wants to remain anonymous for this article, said, “I want to read about what good movies are showing now and interesting things, like the biggest and smallest objects.”

Another, J, said, “I want to read about current events and interesting facts,” while Pichaporn mentioned current events, interesting and surprising news about the school and things that we should be aware of but don’t know yet.

Librarian Mrs. Kelsey said, “I want to know what’s happening in ISB middle school and not world news, which I read every day anyway.” She also added that she wanted to read about the impressions and experiences new students at ISB have had.

We then approached the counselors Mr. Estin and Ms Baker what they wanted to read about.

Mr. Estin said, “Well, I would like to know about clubs, activities and Saturday sports updates. Also, as a parent, I would like to read about cyber safety. I would want to read about the results of a survey about the new cafeteria.”

Ms Baker suggested articles about kids’ interests and worries.

When Mr. Straub was approached at the SOAR Center, he said, “I want to know what kids are thinking about and feeling.”

Ms Ulster, who teaches Yearbook and Humanities, says, “I want to know how the first month of school has gone for the students of middle school and what students like- their favorite movies, books and music. I love entertainment!”

If we didn’t get a chance to ask you, or you want to contribute more of your ideas, comment on this post now! Upcoming: watch out for Grace asking middle school students to spill the beans about the weirdest thing that has happened to them or the weirdest thing that they have done. She may ask you

Picture was taken from Google Images and edited.

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