Operation Smile by Raimy

Join the Operation Smile club and help people with cleft pallette. This is an all year project for the whole middle school if you choose to do it. Mrs. Baker is the advisor that works with this club, so go ahead and talk to her.

ISB started emphasizing the importance of smiling 5 years ago. The first thing that came up was called Smile Week, when the students thought about how healthy it is to laugh, to smile, and then they thought, how good it would feel to give someone else a smile?

Operation smile is a project known world-wide, and supported by lots of different schools. Surgery is given to children and adults with facial deformities called Cleft Pallette, and Cleft Lip. This is when the roof of your mouth remains split open. Babies with these deformities usually don’t grow that much because they cannot hold and suck their bottles. It’s sad to think that the adults who come to get surgery have had the trouble of eating and speaking through their whole life. A group of doctors, dentists, nurses, and speech therapists come to help the children. The operation costs about 8,000 baht per person. Last year, the students working for Operation Smile raised almost 800,000 baht. There were bake sales, garage sales, and two sixth graders had a recital and everyone who came to watch paid.

Operation Smile is a great way to get involved. For more information, you can google “operation smile,” and find out more about it! Give people a normal smile on their face!

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