Global War Crime by Ethan and Afek

ever wondered why and how the world is suffering from global warming? If so, have you ever wondered what will happen? Everybody in the world refers to this over pollution as global warming. Global warming, as we all know, causes many problems including stronger hurricanes, higher temperatures, Rising sea levels, polluted air and water. but it isn’t just these. here are a few interesting effect of global warming:

the well-known effect of global warming is extreme weather conditions. stronger hurricanes become more frequent and stronger. at times these hurricane’s wind speeds can increase to 56 meters per second.

Another major effect on global warming is the ice cap thinning. due to the rising temperatures, the ice caps of the north and south poles start to melt. this causes an even greater issue which causes the earth’s seas to rise. It is said that in the near future, 2020, water levels will have risen to the point where cities on the coast will go under water.

A very intriguing effect of global warming is the amount of animal species that could be at risk of extinction. About 20-30% of all the species in the world will be under the risk of extinction. this is probably because of the massive amount of co2, and the higher temperatures.

the effects of global warming involves an abundance of money. the cost to repair things after serious disasters may exceed their expected budget. The cost to upgrade the maintenance of roads, rail lines, airport runways, pipelines, AND ELECTRIC wires to withstand the physical effects of global warming will also cost a load of money.

Many students at ISB have feelings for global warming, whether they are scared of it or pretend the changing problem isn’t there. We had asked a few students here in middle school what their opinions were on global warming.

Ramy stated, “I think global warming is bad because it will kill everybody and i don’t want to die because of the heat.”

Matt and Toey declared, “we don’t really think of global warming as an issue we will have to deal with now.”

Benedict said, “i’m worried but not too worried because not much is changing.”

“I don’t want anybody to die from too much heat,” Christian stated.

Sara said, “i am worried about global warming because one day the earth will react to our doings and will do bad back toward us and what if the trees start giving of toxin.”

in conclusion, the disaster that has been thrown upon us is affecting our lives every day. even the smallest thing could help. what is happening in our world are just mistakes catching up with society. the mistakes are irreversible but can be decreased.

do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to be part of………..

the end!

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