Anti-Cyberbullying Wallpaper Design Competition!

“Cyberbullying isn’t cool, but a new ipod is! Help fight cyberbullying at ISB and win a new iPod shuffle!”

Design a Wallpaper (desktop image) for the MS Computer Lab computers using whatever software you prefer (MS Paint, MS Word, InDesign, PowerPoint, PhotoShop etc.). You can use images from online, however the bulk of the design should be your own work. Any images must not infringe copyright, you can tag “creative commons” when you do your online image search. The theme of your design should be centered around ISB being against cyberbullying.

One winner will receive a 1GB Apple iPod shuffle 3G (3rd Generation)
Additional selected entries will be used as the desktop wallpaper in the MS Labs for a couple of weeks.


1. Competition ends Monday, October 6th

2. Your Wallpaper must be 1280x1024 pixels in JPG format. Need help, then you can see Khun Eed or Khun Apple in the MS Computer Labs.

3. All entries should be dropped in the StuShare>MS>CyberSafety Wallpaper folder, no later than the evening of Monday, October 6th. This will give the judges time to compile all entries and award the winners during the next day’s Synergy.

4. Save your design as your student number eg.2054333.jpg You can enter as many times as you like, if you submit a second entry ad and an ‘a’ on the end eg. 2054333a.jpg. Subsequent entries should have b, c, d etc.

5. Criteria used to judge the work includes artistic design, visual effect and clear message. The winner will be judged by individual faculty members - their decision is final.

6. Any questions should be directed to Mr Bates in person or e-mail (

8. The winner will be announced during Synergy on Tuesday, October 6th.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing the designs.

Chad Bates


SEAYBST by Ethan, Robbie, & Tim

SEAYBST (South East Asia Youth Baseball Softball Tournament) tryouts are happening at the end of October. It’s a baseball/softball tournament in Southeast Asia that kids participate in. The countries that are involved in the tournament include the Philippines (Manila), Indonesia (Jakarta), and Australia (Perth), Singapore, Thailand. There was a team from Hong Kong last year that was invited to the tournament, but there was only a team for the majors league. For boys, the grades range from 5th grade to 12th grade. There are 3 teams for boys. For girls, the grade ranges are from 6th grade to 12th grade. There is 1 team for girls, grades 6-9 from ISB. Not everybody gets to be on the team, there are cuts. The maximum alternate players (if someone gets injured they play instead) is 6 players. The alternates usually do not go on the tournament with the rest of the team. This year the SEA teams will be going to Manila. All the transportation and hotel information will be arranged by the Bangkok team coordinator. We asked some baseball and softball athletes that went to the tournament last year what they thought about it.

Tim Abdelnoor said, “I really enjoyed the tournament because it was very social and I also enjoyed going around Singapore.”

“Last year’s tournament was so much fun! Our team had won and we had so much fun walking around Singapore. The hotel was awesome, too,” Ethan said.

We thought it would be interesting to tell you about the results from last year’s SEAYBST tournament. We will start out with softball. The only softball team for Bangkok got 4th place and lost to Singapore in the 3rd and 4th place game. The minor’s baseball team for Bangkok dominated the tournament and went undefeated. In the end the minors had won the tournament and beat Singapore. Unfortunately, the majors got last place and same with the seniors. Although, the seniors had almost beat Perth, the 1st place team, in extra innings until the Perth team had got in a run to win the game. The SEA teams will be going to Manila but if something occurs and everybody is not able to go to Manila the tournament will be held here in Bangkok. The teams will be gone for one week and will miss a week of school.

Disadvantage of Windows Microsoft Word 2007 - Anurag & Vignesh

Are you having trouble with Windows Word 2007? I’m pretty sure you are having some problems. Yesterday, I was in my Humanities class and we were doing a writing assignment. My classmates were having so much trouble that they all came up to me and said, “Can you help me?” I was so annoyed that I decided to write this.

We have the latest information about how to fix and get rid of the trouble. If you save the word document in 2007 mode it won’t work in Windows Word 97-2003. So now the way to fix it is by going to the logo near HOME. Another way is that the logo above Home. It is something like a floppy. Another way is by using “Ctrl+S”. First you go to the Windows Logo and you click on it. Then it will show you, New, Open, Convert, Save, and Save as. If you get your pointer on it, it will show save as 97 – 2003. Click that and you will be able to do it at home.

Another problem is that when you put a shape on the document you can’t really find the way to make the outline thicker. It is kind of like hid somewhere. But when you put the shape/picture the top toolbar will automatically go to Format. Under it, it says SHAPE OUTLINE. Then all you have to do is click it and then it says WEIGHT. Get your pointer on it and it will show you the weights. Choose one of them. Didn’t even know how to save the first time I used it. If you want to make the page landscape you first have to go to page layout and click on orientation.

If we had a sheet of paper with all the instructions in it I bet it will be easier!

First Quarter, New Experiences- by Grace

The first quarter of the 2008 school year’s nearly over. Come October the 9th, we’ll be embarking on a brand new quarter. You may already be accustomed to the events that happen in ISB, but do you still remember the lost-looking, shy new students that first arrived to ISB just about two months ago? Let’s check out how these new students are faring.

Margaret is in 6th grade. Before arriving in ISB, she studied in Seoul, Korea. Speaking of the first quarter here, she said, “It was okay. I’ve made some new friends. The homework is more difficult than those in my former school, but the teachers are kind and I get along well with my classmates. My electives are what I expected them to be when I signed up for them and I like them, especially Publications, because there’s no homework.”

7th grader Shawnie was in the American School of Bangkok (ASB) before coming here. She describes the first quarter at ISB as ‘awesome’, adding, “I’ve made many good friends. There’s a lot more homework though, and it’s harder than at my previous school. However, the teachers are definitely more knowledgeable and my classmates are very nice, helping me out when I need help. The electives are what I expected them to be when I first signed up for them and I like them, because it’s nice to do what you are interested in.”

As for me, I was in Singapore before coming here and I find the environment here very relaxed and conducive to learning. It’s truly ‘inspired learning’. I love the concept of electives because I can do what I like to do and what I’m interested in, and I find my teachers and classmates all very helpful and friendly. I’ve enjoyed my first quarter immensely so far and I’m looking forward to more to come.

Regardless of whether you’re a new student, returning student, or old student, you’ll definitely have experienced some new stuff and have stories to share! Comment on this post to tell a tale of your first quarter.

Picture was taken from http://www.isb.ac.th/Academic_Standards2.

Decorating Your Agenda: Part 2 –Shawnie

These are some few ways, with these ideas you soon could have a very colorful and beautiful agenda.

-Cut out photos from magazines of your favorite things, stars, food, etc.

-Get a photo and replace the picture of the hands.

-Grab some markers and draw or color some patterns.

-Stick on some cute stickers.

-Cover the cover with foil and draw on the foil with permanent markers.

- Border the cover with ribbons and glitter.

The best material to use for decorating your agenda is WHITEOUT! Seriously, it is the best thing to use for drawing stuff on your agenda. I hope these ideas help you make your agenda a more colorful and beautiful place to write your homework for the whole year!

Mystery of Stonehenge ‘Solved’ By Steven C

Wordless and gigantic stones, Stonehenge, are very famous for being mysterious. These heavy and gigantic stone constructions were built by ancient people around 2500b.c. There were many theories for the usage of these constructions. A temple for ancient sun-worshippers, a sacred burial site, or even a kind of massive prehistoric astronomical calculator, but no one knew the truth. However, two British archaeologists declared that they have uncovered the main reason behind the construction of one of the world's best known and least understood landmarks. One of the archaeologists quoted, “We found several reasons to believe that the stones were built as part of a belief in a healing process.” The key to their theory was Stonehenge's double circle of bluestones and the bluestones were prized for the healing properties. Proof was not only in the stones, but skeletons. Skeletons found from the area showed signs of serious diseases or injury. "It could have been a temple, even as it was a healing center." Timothy Darvill, one of the archaeologists said. Do you agree?

*If you are interested, visit http://www.stonehenge.co.uk/

DotA- By: Steve.J and Nino

“DotA” is, a custom scenario for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the custom scenario from “Starcraft.” The main objective in this game is to destroy the main structure of the opposing team, Sentinel and Scourge. Sentinel is known as a good guy and Scourge is recognized as a bad guy. While Sentinel is the protector of the world, the Scourge wants to control the world. In the entire game, each player controls one hero. With one hero they have to get money, upgrade the skills, level up, and buy weapons and armors to become strong enough to fight through the “Ancient” buildings of the Sentinel and the Scourge. Each hero (there is about 91 heroes in the game) has its own special skills to kill the enemy hero. This game is not as violent as it might sound like; rather, it’s a very soothing game. To play this game the players require a good, agile pair of hands. Only a fast gamers’ mind can dominate the game.

Rechargeable Batteries- By: Pranav and Benedict

Have you ever heard of rechargeable batteries? Well I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Have you ever bought something that runs on batteries, and you never have enough batteries because they run out of power quickly? Well, rechargeable batteries last more than two times longer than normal batteries. You also don't have to keep on buying them because you can recharge them. They work out cheaper for long term use. Rechargeable batteries also are eco-friendlier because one rechargeable battery equals about 20 – 100 normal batteries depending on how much you use them. The charger also only costs about 1000 baht for a good one. Each battery costs about 20 – 50 baht which is a very good deal. Here in ISB we also have a rechargeable battery program that is run by Mr. Dyke. The program lets anyone turn in used up normal batteries and Mr. Dyke recycles them. If you have rechargeable batteries, you can come and charge it in the bookstore for free. The teachers are also given rechargeable batteries for school use. If you buy rechargeable batteries from the bookstore, you can trade the old battery for another charged battery for free. That way rechargeable batteries will be used more and as we said the batteries will turn out to be much cheaper than normal batteries so go and buy you some rechargeable batteries to empower your power supply.

Alternate Dress Day- Sara

This Friday will be our second alternate dress day. The theme is going to be “favorite t-shirt day”. The idea is quite broad so what you wear should fit into the theme. If you’re not interested in any of the out of dress code days then you can always stand out in our green and white school polo’s. For those who are interested, the favorite t-shirt day is when you search through your wardrobe and find your ultimate favorite t-shirt and wear it to school. The bottoms you wear don’t really matter but look at the student hand book to see what the regulations are for the type of clothes you can wear. Same goes for the top too. The t-shirt you wear doesn’t have to be a normal t-shirt, but it can be sometime you really like to wear. Just make sure you find one that you think best fits the theme. If you don’t have a favorite t-shirt then you can also wear the clothes you usually wear out with your friends or when you go shopping. Make sure you start looking in your closest because we only have a couple more days left to look fabulous:]]


Biking Adventure by Tim

Did you know that Mr.BT and Mr.Chan is hosting a biking adventure on Ko Kret? The ride is going to be on Saturday, October 4 and is going to leave I.S.B at 9:00 am. They will arrive back at I.S.B at approximately 12:00pm. They will be taking a ferry to Ko Kret and will be cycling around the island. They will see lots of temples and will be able to stop and buy some pottery at the pottery shop. The ride will be approximately 16 km. If you go, you should bring money to buy food/drinks, etc. You need to bring your own bike and helmet. I think that it is a great activity for bike riders. For permission slips or more information, you could go ask Mr.BT.

Alternate Dress Day by Margaret

On Friday September twenty sixth, 2008 there will be the first middle school’s alternate dress day for the year. What is the purpose for alternate dress day? Is it reasonable to exist?

First, ISB students say that they do like the ISB uniforms, but they really like the chance to show their personalities and give us options. It is based on the themes such as:

  • Crazy Hair Day
  • Black and Gold Day
  • "Twins" Day
  • Cool Hats and Shades Day
  • Come As You Will Be in 25 Years Day
  • I'd Rather Be . . . Day
  • Come in Your Own Theme Day

They say that the alternate dress days would be between every three or four weeks but to be polite and responsible people, ISB makes sure it should be appropriate and hopes that kids would participate wearing proper clothes.

The two pictures are comparing the uniform and a kid wearing normal clothes. Even though it’s up to us, let’s not wear inappropriate outfits.

Some Things you just shouldn’t eat- by Grace

When you or your family go to the supermarket, do you just pick products off the shelf if they look good, or do you prefer to buy from certain brands? For me, I have my own comfort brands that I’ve bought from before and like- for example, I love Wall’s ice-cream and White Rabbit candy.

But now, some imported milk products from China are being banned across Asia, as they have been found to contain melamine, a chemical that’s used to make plastics. As of September the 22nd this year, the number of Chinese infants hospitalized after drinking these tainted milk formulas rose to nearly 13 000. In fact, four deaths have been reported to be caused by this toxic milk, which is said to bring about kidney stones and other complications.

Countries are all taking action. The Japanese government purportedly asked 90 000 companies to check their products for melamine, and Taiwan has banned all mainland dairy products. Malaysia has banned all imports of milk products from China with immediate effect, and Singapore did likewise after finding melamine in three brands of China-made milk products (including my favourite White Rabbit candy, Magnum, Meiji and Walls ice cream!).

Closer to home, in Thailand, Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Pharmacist Manit Arunakul has revealed that the FDA is taking precautions against these products. They have ordered all dairy products from China to be seized and quarantined as tests are conducted. Only after clearing contamination tests will these products be allowed into the Thai market.

I think that this problem will greatly affect everyone’s economies, especially China’s, now that a lot of their exports (for China) and imports (for other countries) have to be banned to ensure everyone’s safety. I feel that China should take more precautions to ensure such things shouldn’t happen. It’s good knowing that some of the authorities are taking such precautions so that more people can be safe, but all the same we should watch what we consume and take care of our health.

Some things you just shouldn’t eat…

Information taken from http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_280202.html, http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/thailand/fda-takes-stringent-measures-to-test-chinese-produced-dairy-products_10098273.htmlhttp://www.aseanaffairs.com/page/china_s_milk_scare_spreads_to_malaysia_singapore_and_myanmar, http://health.yahoo.com/news/reuters/china_milk_dc.html , and http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Story/A1Story20080921-89066.html.


2010 World Cup in South Africa By Steven C & Win E

2008 Beijing Olympic was a wonderful event, and now South Africa is preparing for another wonderful event in 2010. It is not Olympic, it is World Cup! It will be the first ever World Cup hosted in Africa. The project has been delayed by political problem in South Africa, but now it is slightly ahead of the schedule. FIFA president Sepp Blatter concerned about delays, rising costs, crime and lack of transportation in South Africa, so he visited South Africa. And he was very satisfied with the work going on in South Africa. The speed of construction for the stadiums has been increased and rooms have been secured for the fans by FIFA. Also, South Africa plans to increase the police to 190,000 by 2010 for the security in South Africa. As for the transportation, the government plans to spend $1.7 billion for rail and road links in venue cities.

Win E: “I’ve watched the World Cup for years and I have a feeling that this one would be one of the best. I want to go watch it there in South Africa.”

Steve C: “I think it would be cool to watch the World Cup in Africa. By the way, this is the first time hosted in Africa and it would be a bit different. ”

Benedict: “I think that the South Africa 2010 is going to be as big as the Beijing 2008. It’s that big of a deal.”

It is a greatly anticipated event for the world and the ISB soccer fans for 2010.

October Break - Toey

There is a break coming up right after the students from OS get back, so that will be in October. The October break is from the 18th to the 26th. Where do you think you will be going? Have you ever thought that how you are getting there and where you are going affects the planet? Well, tourism contributes to the world’s climate change because of all the pollution the airplanes cause. However, they are not as much harm as cruise ships. Most families like to go on cruise ships which, after the years, spoiled the water in the Caribbean and clogged the harbors everywhere. Everybody wants to go to a nice, exotic place, but they do not think that the hotels they stay in have replaced the locals that cannot afford to stay in their own hometowns. Peasants have been evicted from their rural landscape and the land transformed into high-end tourist accommodations. According to a recent study, tourism is responsible for about 5 percent of the world’s pollution and this will increase later on if the people keep up this trend for traveling to all places. However, there is a positive side to tourism. Countries that have lower incomes are already starting to benefit. For example, Namibia has created a ‘community-based tourism’ which helps their local residents earn more money in foreign currency and preserve the wildlife by decreasing the amount of poaching. They have turned this into hunting or photo safaris and white water rafting to help animals escape from poaching and turn it into something they could make money out of instead. Water is also being affected by the acts of tourists, who use up to as much water as a local family would use, with their many toilet flushes and multiple daily showers or baths. Also, nowadays, looking for a nice and sort of isolated place to relax is very difficult; everywhere is crowded with eager tourists, even Bhutan, which a couple of years ago did not invite that many people. As you can see, tourism is having a big effect on the world, so think again before you invest in a big trip to somewhere you can escape from your daily life.

Bangkung Amphawa - Anurag & Vignesh

Do you know what Bangkung – Amphawa is? It is a very beautiful place. Many of you should go there. It is actually a temple covered with a banyan tree on top. It has covered the whole temple so that it looks like you are going into a tree. Inside, is one of Thailand’s famous Buddhas. The tree on top of the temple is a Banyan tree, and it is very heavy with it’s big tails from the branches. If you see it from the wrong side, you will think of it as a normal tree, but IT IS NOT! You should move and get to the point where you could see the statue of the Buddha.

So are you ready to see the trick of nature?

Orphanage Care Givers, After the First Visit - Raimy

On Wednesday, September 10, the orphanage care givers went to pay a visit to some babies without a home. I was one of these people. We took a small Montri Van and rode 15 minutes to the Payathai Babies Home. Excited, Sarah Banbury, Louise Bastiaans, Oda Spross, and Raimy Shin, myself, hurried to the room where all the little babies were. Mr. Straub and Mr. Guthrie led the way. When we got there, we carefully pushed the door open and opened our arms wide for them to cuddle. The babies came toddling to us, wide smiles on their faces. The baby I was holding never let go of me, and when I tried to hold someone else, she started whimpering and crying. I became so attached to some of them only on my first visit.

They are adorable. They are worth your time after school on Wednesdays. They will love you for coming to the Payathai Babies Home to care for them, feed them, and give them the time and attention they never get enough of. Those babies, they will hold their arms up to you. Sometimes they won’t get the cuddle they want because of another baby in your arms. Just think, did that ever happen to you when you were young?

It’s a great feeling to give someone a smile, a laugh. Give the present of happiness to these homeless babies.

About Bicycles by Margaret

Bicycles have been a part of people since a long time ago. Some people ride them to school and some people use them to exercise. They are also used as children’s toys and in competitive sports, known worldwide but not a lot of people know much information about bikes.

First, the definition of bikes is a pedal driven, human powered vehicle that is attached with two wheels. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century. The shape of the bike has changed little since 1885. The first picture is an ordinary bike that was photographed in the Skoda museum in the Czech Republic. The second image is a bike called “Wooden Dandy Horse” that was made around 1820. These bicycles are unusual bikes that you will normally not be able to see in the town.

Second, the most common types of bicycles are utility bikes, mountain bikes racing bikes, touring bikes, hybrid bikes, cruiser bikes, BMX bikes. The less common ones are tandems, lowriders, tall bikes, fixed gear, folding models, and recumbents.

Last, the third picture is a bike-sharing station in Barcelona and the fourth picture is a commuting bike in Amsterdam which shows how bikes can be used and how people share for each other.

These were information about bicycles and I hope people would understand the history and ride more bicycles to exercise.

For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycles