Google's New Web Browser, Chrome by: Robbie

Google has just come out with a new web browser, Chrome. Many people have downloaded it just because it’s from Google, like I did. Google chrome is not the most appealing web browser like Opera, internet explorer, Firefox, and Safari, but it has many shortcuts that makes surfing the web easier.

If you have multiple tabs open in one window, when one crashes, none of the other tabs crash. This has happened to me many times with Firefox and Internet explorer, so this will save time. Google put the tab buttons above the address bar, not below like every other browser has done. The default home page for the browser and the new tab page has the most visited sites in little thumbnails. To the right there are recently closed tabs. This makes getting to a site easy, if you just open the browser up or open a new tab.

In the address bar, when you are typing in a URL address, it gives suggestions, even if you haven’t been to the site on that computer. Also, if you want to search Google, but aren’t at the Google site, type what you want to search in the address bar, it searches Google if there is not a www. or .com, .org, etc. this is handy because in other browsers the Google toolbar takes up a lot of space in the browser.

It’s more fun if you learn it yourself, so go and download Google chrome, for FREE. I recommend watching the tutorial videos and learn all the cool little things that make this browser better than the rest.

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