Which Would you Rather Have for Lunch? by Afek

Which do you think is better?
Bobbies or Epicure? What do you prefer?
Matt said “I’d rather eat at Epicure, they are just better for me.”
Robbie said “it’s complicated. For breakfast, I really like Epicure, but for lunch it’s too expensive or not to my taste.”
Ethan said, “I think that Epicure make good breakfast, but I miss the Bobbies BLT and lunch.”
Tim said,” I just would like to have Bobbies.” Tim wants to stays true to Bobbies.
Personally I rather like Bobbies. I think that they have better tasting food and better prices. The prices are the problem for a lot of people. I also think that if Epicure wants more customers then they need to get a better lunch menu. I really believe that they should just give a little push to make the food better and I think that many people would appreciate that and respect them a little more and buy more. If they make this move they would be making a lot more profit.

Why don’t you just post your comments on the subject.

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