New Food at ISB By Steven C & Nino S

As you all know, Bobby’s is no longer selling in ISB’s cafeterias, but a new caterer, Epicure, is here; however, some students still aren’t satisfied with the food. And most students are displeased with the high prices that come with the new food. To get a different point of view, we interviewed the manager of Epicure.

Steven:“What’s your goal this year?”

Manager: “We want to provide delicious and nutritious food to the whole ISB community.”

Nino:“So what is different this year?”

Manager: “Well, we have non-fat, 0% sugar frozen yogurt ice cream. Also, we added a Japanese cuisine called ‘Donburi’

Steven: “I see lots of green panther plates, why do you use them?”

Manager: “We really care about the environment. By the way, did you notice that we aren’t using any plastic?”

The manager’s goals are to provide nutritious and delicious food the whole ISB community and also, there are a bigger variety of foods. For example, non-fat, 0% added sugar frozen yogurt ice cream and a Japanese food called “Donburi” (steam rice and meat). The managers are very caring about the environment, so they are not using any plastic and they use green panther plates. Now let’s hear some students have to say about the food!

Benedict: “It’s too expensive however; the food is ‘ok’, but I like Bobby’s sandwiches better.”

Anurag: “The food is a bit better than last year, but it still needs some improvement and the cafeteria layout is very confusing.”

Jacob: “Before, I thought Bobby’s was bad, but now it’s starting to look good to me. The sandwiches from Bobby’s were way better.”

Epicure is an improvement for ISB with new, healthier food for the student body. But still students want lower prices, better food, and most of all, better SANDWICHES!

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