Freedom of Chemical Dependency by Toey

Like every school year for the past half a decade, the FCD organization is going to be talking to the seventh and eighth graders at ISB. FCD is the abbreviation for Freedom of Chemical Dependency and it is an organization where former alcoholics and drug addicts talk to middle school aged students, with the exception of sixth grade, and above about making intelligent choices about alcohol and drugs. They also talk about their experience since they have all been through it. The FCD organizers will be coming to our school on the 22nd and 23rd and of September for a two-hour session with the 7th graders and only 1 hour with the 8th. The administrators at ISB believe that if students receive drug education from outside people with experience, they will learn and understand more deeply of the use of drugs and why they shouldn’t be following in the speakers’ footsteps. You hear the same thing in 7th and 8th grade, but it’s different in high school. The two people that are most likely coming this year are Diana Wilson and Alex Juchniewich; both were drug and alcohol abusers but they have both recovered from that. Some of the speakers return to ISB the next year after they have done their presentation and session, but most do not. The Freedom of Chemical Dependency program is very important and you will get to learn what they have to tell to help you with making the right choices later on.

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