Should Kids Watch Family Guy Part II? By matt

Should Kids Watch Family Guy Part II? By matt

To me, kids should be allowed to watch Family guy. Why? Because it’s a funny and entertaining cartoon that almost everbody loves. Almost everybody I meet says “Family guy” is awesome”. Kids in my class even agree that family guy is awesome like……

Robbie said, “It is hilarious and I don’t see why parents don’t allow their kids to watch it”

Afek said, “That family guy is awesome… period”

Sasha said, “Little kids shouldn’t be able to watch it because they wouldn’t be able to understand it.”

Grace said, “I don’t like it.”

Shawnie said, “I love family guy.”

Ben said, “Family guy is a must see T.V. show”

Pranav said, “It’s awesome”

David said, “I don’t like to watch it.”

Tim said, “It’s great”

As you can see, family guy is a must see T.V. show, but it’s not suitable for kids that don’t understand it. Almost everybody I interviewed loved “Family Guy”. The main reason for why kids should watch “Family Guy” is because it’s funny, and it’s entertaining. That should be enough to let parents allow their kids to watch the amazing Family Guy. Personally I love Family Guy and think kids who love should be able to watch it. What make “Family Guy” so good besides that it’s funny are its characters. The two funniest characters are Peter who has the mind of a baby, and Stewie who is an evil baby genius that is determine to kill his mother and the other characters. They are what make this T.V. show funny.

Peter Griffin and Family


Nino said...

Yeah! family guy RULES!

Steve Jeong said...

I think the authority to watch family guy is optional. Well, many of the cartoons nowadays put deeper meaning into it. I think if you want to watch cartoons like, family guy, and south park, you should think more about true meaning to the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I like how you stand up to parents to watch family guy.


Win E. said...

I agree with you that family guy is a great show and that parents should allow kids to watch it. Its a simple yet entertaining show that everyone could be able to watch.

Anonymous said...

Best series ever made!!! Nice!!

Anonymous said...

Its a great T.V show but its inappropriate for little kids.

Anonymous said...

I have never wathched Family guy part 2 but I would like to watch it.

Anonymous said...

i love the show and i agree. i personally i think that kids should always be able to watch the show. its just hilarius.

afek levi

Anonymous said...

Robbie-I love family guy but that wasn't the only reason I like this article. I liked how this article had interviews with people, different views.

Anonymous said...

I love family guy and is funny. It is so addicting. The good thing that you did was you asked a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I agree that kids should be allowed to watch Family Guy, because I love to watch it!!!