Importance of Drama Class - Anurag

Have you ever been on a stage and felt hesitant to say your lines, or in front of a class saying your speech or presentation? If it has ever happened to you or you think it might. GO JOIN DRAMA CLASS. Drama class makes you brave enough to go in front of people and talk. I know all this because I’ve been in Drama I and Drama IA.

Drama class is so good and fun. You have parties and acting games which are spectacular. I had beginning drama and then I had drama IA which is intermediate. Mr. Huxtable is so cool and helps in every way. You have these cool assignments like Shakespeare acting, etc. If you join it once, you will probably wish for more.

The importance of drama class is that the nervousness which you have at first totally disappears. You have to be really creative, and it is really easy to get an A+J.I hope you join the class and learn new ways to act.


Anonymous said...

I feel like joining drama class already!


Ashlley Elias said...

I will vouch that it's easy to get A's in a drama/acting class. You just have to do what the teacher says, show up to class, and make a reasonable effort.

I've seen it help people get more confident but usually one class isn't enough.