Student Council - By Raimy

Do you think it would be fun to stand in front of the whole middle school and run assemblies? How about planning fun events like spirit night, or even parties? If that sounds like fun to you, why don’t you try being a part of the MS student council?

The student council takes a very important part in middle school. They run assemblies, plan special events, and best of all, they think up new ideas for the middle school so it could be a better school year. The elections will be held on August 18 to August 22.

I’ve never been in the student council since I am only in 6th grade. Some students don’t really want to be in the student council because they are not confident enough to be able to give ideas. That’s okay, but you should still contribute to the school by putting slips of good ideas in ‘Think Outside the (box). However, by being in the student council, you can help more.

Here are some more facts about the SC (Student Council) and what it is all about. Each grade level House is electing two members this year. The SC will have 12 members in all, and those members will elect a Prime-Minister, Deputy Prime-Minister, and Grade Level Captains. They also form ministries, or ‘committees’, the HooHa Ministry, the Recognition Ministry, the Social Ministry, and the Information Ministry. The SC Ministries will meet on Tuesday afternoons, and have Lunch Meetings on Thursdays.

The SC’s main job is the empower you, the students, to have voice about the Middle School activities. If, after reading this article, you want to be a part of the student council, you should hurry and go see Mr. Straub. I encourage you to try it, I think it will be fun!

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