Helping New Students by Margaret

August 6th was the first day of a new school year. Some were new to the school, some were new to Middle School, and everyone was going to a new grade. It was especially difficult to people who were new to the school.

They would have had lots of difficulty making friends, finding their classes, and remembering everybody’s names. Also, it would have been hard to get to the classrooms on time even though it was ok for the first few days because they would feel kind of guilty. But actually, I think the worst thing was not knowing anyone and not having anyone help you. You would have felt like crying and wanting to be alone.

So I want to say that helping each other will be good to both the helping one, and the one that was helped because maybe they can be friends or new students could become braver and stronger. Also, the helping one will be glad for hearing a “thank you” and for helping someone. Let’s all help new students who maybe are still needing help.

Also, we need to help the ones who are new to Middle School. Of course, most of them will be used to some routines, but it will be hard to find the classrooms in time, open lockers, and get used to the Middle School routines. Middle School would be a tough place for these kinds of people.

This school may be a hard place for new students and the ones who are new to Middle school. We need to help each other and be nice friends to those who need our help.

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