The fastest human in the world By:Tim

On August 16th, Usain Bolt from Jamaica won the mens 100m sprint in the Olympics and broke the world record by running in 9.69 seconds. He is currently the fastest human in the world. When I was watching him run, I felt amazed at how fast he could run. He was leading so far from that we could tell with our own eyes who had won. Sometimes, we have to use photo finish because the person might be winning from only a part of his/her body. It was truly amazing. At first, I thought that he was not going to win because he was not running very fast, but then he started going faster and faster until he was leading and won. Everybody who was watching in the stage was cheering and I think that Usain Bolt was proud of himself.

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Anonymous said...

Usain Bolt is amazing, he also won and broke the world record for the 200m sprint.