“Hellboy 2 The Golden Army” By Benedict

Yes! Hellboy 2 has finally come out. Hellboy 2 is the 2nd movie from the Hellboy series. Hellboy is about a demon that was made by using black magic by the Nazis near the end of WW2. In this movie, the mythical creatures that have been living in a cave away from humanity decide to destroy the humans by bringing forth the Golden Army, an army made of gold which is indestructible. The Golden Army destroyed the human army without losing anyone. The Golden Army is also controlled by a crown. The king of the mythical creatures broke the crown into 3 pieces, 1 for the humans and 2 for the creatures. And now the prince has put the pieces together and gone to start the Golden Army. Hellboy and his friends are out to destroy the crown and kill the prince.

I think that this movie was better than the first because the new one has a cooler plot and doesn’t take too long to get to the action.

Nino said “Hellboy is cool but I think Batman is better,”

Win said “It’s okay but not that good.”

Some people think that Hellboy is good but not that good. I think that it was great because it never got boring. If you didn’t watch it, watch it. You won’t regret it.

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