Dangerous Jellyfishes by Vignesh

Jelly fish are plank tonic marine members. They are in the group of the invertebrate animals. There are about 200 types of jelly fish. The most surprising part is that jellyfish have no brains, no hearts and no eyes not even blood! Jelly fishes are made up of 95 percent water, that’s why it is hard to see them. They can glow brightly in dark waters. Jelly fishes came to earth 650 million years ago even before sharks and dinosaurs. The box jelly fish can kill a man in a couple of minutes with its stings! Jelly fishes have about 3 million stringing cells in every centimeter of its tentacles. Jellyfishes are actually predators, but Jellyfishes don’t chase their pray, they paralyze it

Now more and more jelly fish are showing up on the beaches. Scientists say that it means Mother Nature is saying that “You people are treating me badly polluting me”. All the fishes are running away and the jellyfish is coming to the beaches. Dangerous stingers have even been spotted in Scotland, England and Britain where they didn’t used to appear.

Some people at ISB have gotten stung by jelly fish. Brett smith, who is in grade 7, got stung last year. Rishab Yadav, who is in grade 8, also got stung by a jelly fish over the summer holidays.

Look out for signs of jellyfish when you go the beach. These sighs that there are jellyfish there.

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Anonymous said...

I think this article was really well-written and provided lots of facts about jellyfishes (not to mention the cute font!). I didn't know that jellyfishes didn't have brains, hearts OR eyes (so do they just swim around aimlessly?). I once saw a whole lot of jellyfish in one small area in Australia. It was scary just looking down into the water and seeing all the 'blobs' there.