We Need A Break by Ethan

The second to last week in October of 2008 all the ISB students will be taking a long week break after a good 3 months of hard and strenuous school work. The good thing about this break is that all the ISB faculty and staff will be off. This gives the teachers a chance to relax and take a break before they come back and deal with all the students. The students attending the Operation Starship trip will arrive the Sunday before the break, and then they go straight into the break. This gives the O.S. students a time to get over the jet-lag and get ready for the upcoming week. So, where are students and faculty going during the break? Some students and teachers will be going back to their home country and other students and faculty will be going to a vacation spot. Other people will be just be hanging out here in Bangkok with their other friends. A few students and teachers were able to tell where they were headed to on the October Break.

Matt said excitedly, “I will probably be going to Hong Kong to just relax and chill.”

Sasha stated, “I will be just staying here in Bangkok and just hanging out with my other friends!”

“Since I’m going on Operations Starship, I’ll probably be staying in Bangkok to get over my jet-lag, “Robbie said.

Khun Ed said,”I will go to Uban Rachathani province which is near the Southern Laos.”

“I will be going all over Northeast Thailand after I get back from chaperoning O.S.,” said Mr Souza.

Win said,” I will not be returning to Bangkok after O.S. so I will be going to New York to visit my family.”

This 1 week break will be a good way to get our minds off of school and just get away from school life. I think we should all just relax and not do anything strenuous that works our minds. Just hang out with friends, or relax at home. Maybe even go to the beach and let your mind roam. I think we will all be looking forward to this October Break.

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