Snakes in ISB-Matt

Have you ever seen a snake in ISB? I have. In fact, kids in ISB have claimed they also have seen wild snakes. Some of those students include Robbie, Afek, Teoy, Tim, Pranav and Jacob. Usually, they have been spotted in the same place, the track and field around the elementary area. Some say they have seen some longer than the bus and others say about a foot long. Pranav and I were walking one day when we saw a brown snake near the elementary basket ball court. It had this weird design on it and was about a foot long and by the time we told the teacher the snake had disappeared into a bush. Jacob Richardson said he was running the cross country course when he jumped over a huge stick that suddenly twisted and moved. He stopped and looked at it and it started to move again, so he jumped back and screamed, “Snake”!!!!!!!!!! The girls started to scream and run back and Jacob continued his cross county run. About every kid I asked said that they had seen a snake near the elementary play ground (not the big toy) and cross county. Afek says it’s because I S B was built on a cobra field. I think that it’s because those specific areas are areas that are suitable for snakes plus those areas are near ditches and sewer systems.

Interesting snake facts,

How to avoid getting bit by a snake

· Learn your surrounding

· Always take a partner with you into a field

· Wear thick material clothes when going out in to the wild

· Try not to scare a snake

How to treat a snake bite

· When bitten by a venomous snake try not to move a lot, movement helps the venom spread around the body

· Breathe

· Keep the victim warm, calm and at rest contact an emergency room immediately

· If you have a first aid kit or a snake bite kit wash the bite and place suction device over the bite do not suck the bite with our mouth.

· If you’re alone and on foot walk slowly toward help if you have a cell phone or a way of communication use it.

· Try to identify the snake that bit you or the person you are with but do not waste time. If you identify the snake it makes it easier to treat the snake bite.

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