Orphanage Care Givers – After the First Visit -Raimy

On Wednesday, September 10, the orphanage care givers went to pay a visit to some babies without a home. I was one of the people. We took a small Montri Van and rode 15 minutes to the Payathai Babies Home. Excited, Sarah Banbury, Louise Bastiaans, Oda Spross, Raimy Shin, and myself, hurried to the room where all the little babies were. Mr. Straub and Mr. Guthrie led the way. When we got there, we carefully pushed the door open and opened our arms wide for them to cuddle. The babies came toddling to us, wide smiles on their faces. The baby I was holding never let go of me, and when I tried to hold someone else, she started whimpering and crying. I became so attached to some of them only on my first visit.

They are adorable. They are worth your time after school on Wednesdays. They will love you for coming to the Payathai Babies Home to care for them, feed them, and give them the time and attention they never get enough of. Those babies, they will hold their arms up to you. Sometimes they won’t get the cuddle they want because of another baby in your arms. Just think, did that ever happen to you when you were young?

It’s a great feeling to give someone a smile, a laugh. Give the present of happiness to these homeless babies.

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