Jonas Brothers Craze! - Sara

Every girl (and guy, if there are any) who love the Jonas Brothers can get excited now! Rumors have said that In November, the trio is coming down to Bangkok to perform an exclusive concert. Special access and backstage passes can even be found through sponsors, if you have connections. The concert has not been confirmed yet, but people everywhere have been saying that the Jonas Brothers are coming to Bangkok! If you have no clue who the Jonas Brothers are, well then here is a little bit of information about them. They are the number one teen boy band. The group members are Nick, Joe and Kevin. They compose pop and pop rock songs. They started their band in 2005 and have become very famous. When people talk about them, they usually say “Nick is cute, Joe is hot, Kevin… what happened to you?!” Now you have a little bit of an idea what they look like in comparison to each other:]. They have also starred on the movie “Camp Rock” which was an amazing summer movie for children and teens. The Jonas Brothers are also going to be in the second “Camp Rock” movie which should be out in a year and a half. The reason why it’s coming out so late is because the Jonas Brothers are very busy with touring and writing songs. If they do come to Bangkok, I think that everyone should go and listen to their music because you can really learn to enjoy it!

(The concert has NOT been conformed yet, so do not get your hopes up too high)

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