Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences by Ethan

During the month of October, the middle school students and their parents will be attending the parent-teacher conferences. In middle school parent-teacher conferences the students go with their parents to their core classes and discuss their recent work between themselves, their parents, and their teachers. Usually before the conferences ,the students get help from their teachers to make a portfolio of all the work that they have done so they can show their parents. The students also have the choice to go to their elective or language classes but it isn’t mandatory like the core classes are. Most of the time students are anxious about the conferences because of having to show their grades to their parents. I asked a few students what they thought about the conferences.

Afek explained, “I think they are useful because your parents are aware of how you are doing and can help you later on.”

Pernav said, “I think they are good because the parents know what you are up to in school.”

Grace stated, “ I think they are ok. I wonder what my teachers will tell my parents.”

“I think it is a waste of time for me because I feel the students don’t need to attend and it should be a informative bonding time between the parents and teachers,” Robbie said defensively

“ I think it’s a real time when the teachers reveal things about what you do and how you do it,” Sasha declared

Nino said,” I don’t like them because the parents always fuss about your grades and how you do.”

Of course, we all have different viewpoints and opinions, but, in the end, we all have to attend the conferences. The only people who won’t be attending the conferences will be the 8th grade students who will be going on the Operation Starship trip. Although their parents still have to attend the conferences. I think in order to have a successful conference try and behave and bring your grades up in class and I assure you your parents won’t be questioning your academic skills.

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