Decorating Your Agenda Part 1- by Grace

The MS Agenda is something all we middle-school students share. It’s where we write down homework and assignments (ugh!), project deadlines (oh no), take note of school rules to keep by (oops) and it also informs us of upcoming school events (after which you can just pop down to LITM and check out what happened, if it’s been written about).

But you’ll never guess it’s the humble Agenda from behind some creative covers some students have been creating. Many students here have taken up their art materials, kicked their artistic muses in the shins, drunk some creative juice, and decorated their Agendas with aplomb. Seriously, take a look around you, and you’ll be surprised at the cool designs you see!

Maybe soon, you won’t see the plain old Agenda anymore, with the white background and faded green light bulbs gracing the cover. Maybe soon, the school will be filled with a myriad of decorated Agendas, with colours ranging from outrageous fuschia to a gentle periwinkle, from eye-catching lime green to electric blue.

It all depends on your creativity, people! Art has no limits: as Shawnie will show you in Decorating Your Agenda Part 2.

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