Apple “refurbished” items By Tim

Did you know that you can buy the ipod Nano 4GB (previous generation) for just $79 from $149. That is almost half the original price! You can also get the 8GB for $99, half the original price of $199. That is, I think, the best deal you can get. You can even get the AppleCare Protection Plan for your ipod Nano or Your ipod Shuffle for just $39. The pack extends the 90 days of complimentary single-incident support and one-year warranty on your iPod to up to two years of world-class support and service. You can even get the refurbished certified Macbook Air for just $1499 from $1799. There are a lot of refurbished certified apple products, and if you want to look at them, you can go to the apple store online, and there will be a corner that says refurbished ipod Nano starting at $79. If you click in there, there will be a lot of cheap refurbished certified Apple products

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