Rover to the rescue! By Grace

Ive always wanted a dog. I dont have any extra requirements other than the usual sterilization stuff. It doesnt have to know how to lead me across the road or anything. But I read something over the news recently about some dogs and Im beginning to change my mind. Catch this: some dogs can call 911 if their owners are in trouble!

This canine Buddy doesnt wear a cape, but it came to the rescue of Joe Stalnaker when he suffered from a seizure, calling 911 and barking repeatedly when the dispatcher answered the phone. Joe was sent to the hospital once the police arrived and has recovered from his seizure.

Apparently, hes especially prone to seizures due to a head injury he suffered from 10 years ago, and since he adopted Buddy at the age of 8 weeks, this talented dog has saved his life thrice. Buddy was adopted from Michigan-based Paws with a Cause, which trains assistance dogs to get the phone if its owner started showing signs of a seizure.

Isnt this so cool? Dogs are definitely going one step further as mans best friend. In the fictional world of Disneys film 101 Dalmations, the dogs saved their puppies from the evil Cruela de Vil. Closer to us in ISB, Raimy, whos from sixth grade, used to have a Siberian dog who liked to go into the refrigerator- and stay there! Oda, whos also in sixth grade, has a Great Dane whos the nicest dog ever, but is scared of a lot of things, like drunken people on the street. 6th grader Margaret had a dog Blanco who would run to fetch his treats when Margaret threw them. Dr Everetts Dalmatian catches Frisbees and rolls over. Shawnies uncles Pomeranian dog Jubbie used to jump onto beds and comfort her cousins when they cried (isnt that so sweet?). Her aunts dog only bites foreigners, and leaves Asians alone (strange)! My great-aunt once had this pair of dogs who followed me around all the time, even to the toilet, where I had to chase them away (with much difficulty) before closing the door. What amazing stuff does your dog do? Comment on this post to share the tail (tale)!

Information was taken from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26706278/.

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