On September 1st 2008 a hurricane hit the Caribbean Area. HURRICANE IKE! Hurdling winds at over 145 miles per hour, this hurricane took the lives of over 145 people. Ranked a category 4 hurricane, this thing was deadly. The damages in total were over $29.5 BILLION. It doesn’t seem much to care about half way around the world, but when your whole family lives in Texas ,it gives you something to worry about. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were hit by this storm. Although the water didn’t hit them, the winds did. Trees were falling, houses were falling to the ground and the power went out for who knows how long. These are the areas in which Ike hit: Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi Valley, and Ohio Valley. We tried to contact our relatives for days; even weeks with no response. Finally, we emailed to see if they were okay and they replied with a yes! I shouldn’t be the one worried about this when there are far worse case scenarios. Louisiana has it the worst living on the coast of the United States of America. So help out before it’s too late. Even if it’s the simplest thing like donating clothes or even a couple hundred baht. So go and help out today.

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