Why can’t we have an unexpected Holiday? By Benedict

Last year, a huge storm hit Nichada Thani and damaged our own school ISB. The library flooded, floor tiles broke, and the ceiling tiles fell down too. The next morning, school was canceled because of all the damage. The year before, there was a coup and people were protesting against Thaksin. We had no school that day too. Both of these days were exciting and fun because we didn’t know for sure what was happening downtown on the coup and the storm was exciting because there were broken trees everywhere. There were even electricians all over the place. This week we had a cue and a storm but no day off. A lot of kids were praying for the cue to become bigger of the storm to hit the electricity hard so we won't have school the next day.

Tim said “I want another storm

Christian said “I want a storm big enough for the power to go out long enough for there to be no school the next day but not strong enough to destroy the power for a long time.”

With one day off we will be able to get rid of some of the frustration and just relax. We also will be really excited to come to school the next day to tell everyone about what they did. It also is fun to run around Nichada when we’re supposed to be at school doing a test. With another unexpected day off, we will be able to concentrate more hardly in school because we won’t be put on as much pressure. One day off is exactly what we need.

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