The Lockers By Tim and Ben

Do you think the lockers are getting pretty old? Well, we think that they are getting too old to be usable. For one reason, I was walking to class, and I saw someone opening their locker and the door just fell off. Another reason is because on every door there is rust and dents. With all that rust, anyone could break through a locker door and with all the dents, the locker door doesn’t even fit inside the space. Since they don’t fit, kids try to bang the locker door shut. The lockers are also too small for the big bags we bring to school. With bigger, better, and stronger lockers, there won’t be as much sound in the halls and kids won’t be taking their bags to classes. Bigger lockers also mean more organized lockers because there just isn’t any space inside lockers we have now.

Here are some students opinions:

Ethan complained “The lockers are filled with lots of rust”

Vignesh said “The lockers are too scratched up”

Win said “The lockers are too old.”

Sasha said “The lockers, though not being there for what we call a ‘long time’, seem to have reached their expiry date.

They are rusting beyond repair, and sometimes when you close the door, you end up getting your door bent outside of the lock. Those have lost the benefit of their use. What I believe is that if we can incorporate the gym’s locker into the third floor (with a larger size), we could finally get something better than what we currently have.”

As you see, most people said that the lockers are too old and bent out of shape.

We went to talk to Mr. Souza. He said “The high school would be getting some of the lockers we use in PE in December and hopefully we will be getting them next year.”

Hopefully we won’t be getting any trouble with the new lockers when we get them next year.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, the lockers are too old to use, the doors are falling off, which risks students getting hit!