WALL – E by Tim

My sister came running home one day to my mom and said she wanted to see WALL – E. The movie is about the only living thing left on Earth who only wants to fall in love. WALL – E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-- Earth Cleaner) falls in love with EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Examiner), a vegetation examiner brought down from outer space to find some sort of life. WALL – E finds the only life source on Earth, but hides it from her. After EVE finds nothing, WALL – E takes her to his home and shows her the plant, the only life source on Earth. Finally, her search is complete and she can go home. Unfortunately, there is one problem. WALL – E doesn’t want her to go, so he jumps onto her spaceship and follows her into space. After the loss of food and vegetation on Earth the humans were forced to evacuate and live in outer space. After eating food all the time and never getting any exercise the humans have all turned fat. After EVE brought back the plant, it was planned that whenever EVE brought back a life source they were supposed to go home, but when they opened EVE, the plant was gone, so the order was canceled. WALL – E had the plant all along and eventually gave it back to EVE. When they went to return the plant the co – captain and robot programmed to guide wherever they go wouldn’t allow them to return back to Earth, so they had to deactivate it. The captain of the ship is their only hope, after not walking for over 20 years he falls to the ground. He gets up and deactivates it. After plunging down towards Earth in a spaceship the humans flee the ship crushing WALL – E in the process our only hope for WALL – E is EVE. If you want to know the ending so badly you’re going to have to see it yourself.

WALL –E is a breakthrough in movies all over the world. In my opinion, this was a pretty good movie. But I don’t think it would be good for a middle school student. I think it would be better for an elementary student. If you ask me it would have been rated a three out of five stars. In conclusion, it wasn’t horrible, but……… it wasn’t great.

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