Mac vs. Pc by Robbie

Many people have PCs and many people have Macs. I have a PC, but I want a Mac because Macs rarely freeze, and they have all the programs that a PC has, plus you can download games from the apple website. Whenever I use a Mac it seems so much faster than a PC, but I really hate how there is no right click in Macs. I interviewed some of my classmates on what they preferred and why.

Ethan stated, “I like Macs because they’re just awesome.”

Tim said, “I agree with Ethan, Macs are awesome.”

Afek said, “I like PCs for games, but when I do work I’d rather have a Mac, and I just love Macs, Shazzam!”

Matt said, “I prefer Pc’s because they’re original.”

Sasha said, “I like PCs better because Macs don’t have the programs that I want. If they get them, maybe I’ll like Macs better”

Pranav said, “Macs because they’re higher class.”

Christian said, “PCs because I grew up using them.”

PCs also have its advantages and disadvantages. Pc’s have many shortcuts which make using one much easier than a Mac. In Macs to do something you have to go up to file, or edit, while in PCs you just right click and click copy, much faster and easier. The major thing about Macs is that you can download Vista or Xp for Macs, but on a Pc you can’t download Mac software.

So, what do you think?

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