Thunderstorm By: Afek & Robbie

Rain; lightening, and flooding, those are the factors that we dealt with last night.

There was a huge storm and power outage. The streets were flooded and people’s trashcans were floating in the street. We saw people driving golf-carts with people dragging behind on knee boards.

Tommy said, “When I was driving my motorcycle through Natakorn, my bike barely made it. The water was up to my waist.”

Tim said, “When I went home yesterday, the water in Natakorn Park was up to my knees, and I was on my bike. I took off my shoes and put them in my bag. It was horrible, the fear of being swept away by a single wave.”

Nolan said, “My power did not come back on until 8pm. It was so hot and boring.”

Matt said, “Well, I just had a power outage for a moment and then my whole compound got power, internet and reception.”

(Robbie said) “I was driving in my car to school because I forgot something, and I saw a car stall as it was exiting Natakorn. People were pushing the car to where it would not block the intersection. I was hoping there wouldn’t be any school.”

(Afek said,) “It was crazy off the chain. I arrived home at the nick of time. I was walking home and I was telling my friend Alex to go home already, I finally hitched a ride and bam it was pouring all over him. So I was lucky but no power until 8:30 and we were forced to eat at Que Pasa for dinner.”

Apparently lightening hit the school pool and we could see the actually lightening much more than usual. Many kids rode around on their bikes to check out the floods.

In conclusion, the storm was deadly but luckily no one was injured.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping for no school too!
well I love rain, so I loved the rainstorm. The whole Nichada was flooded!