Cross Country by Steven C & Nino S.

Cross Country is a popular afterschool activity that helps you get fit, in-shape and looking good. And by joining cross country, you learn to take pleasure in running. Joining cross country can help you with the BEEP test, the 12minute run, sit-ups, pushups and it will make you more comfortable with your body. However, many students don’t enjoy running, so the friendly coaches Mr. Huttner; an 8th math teacher, Dr. Everett; 8th grade humanities teacher and Mr. Tague; a 6th grade humanities teacher are trying to make running enjoyable.

Mr. Huttener’s plan is to provide students with a good opportunity to exercise and socialize with other students. He also supposes that cross country can help students build their upper body, abdominal muscles, strength, and endurance. He leads this program with a variety of games, which of course, are related to running.

By the way, on September 20th there will be an inter-school competition, a 2km race with other school such as Bangkok Pattana, ASB, and Shrewsbury. The race will start at 9.a.m and everyone can join- U13 and U15. Anyone who finishes the race will be rewarded with medals.

Let’s hear some opinions about cross country.

Vigdesh: “I think it will be very tiring.”

Nino: “Cross country is like P.E, it’s not just running. You also play games.”

Trevor: “When you join cross country for the first time, you’ll think it’s hard and boring, but, after a few sessions, you’ll feel like it’s a breeze and P.E. will be even easier!

Cross country is 30 minutes of fun and easygoing workouts. Come to cross country, it’s still open for you. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, come and have fun!

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