10 Healthy Foods by Tim and Ethan

As we go through our everyday lives we eat, of course! But when you eat, do you even know what is in the food you’re eating? Many times people THINK they are eating healthy foods, but in fact they are eating foods that are high in fat. For those of you who are constantly eating fattening foods and want to improve your diet, here are a few tips on what you should eat. This is our healthy food countdown:

10. Spinach

Remember Popeye, the sailor with no hope for a 6-pack, until he ate his can of spinach? As appetizing as it looks, it is actually a really healthy vegetable for your body because it is loaded with all kinds of Vitamins and other minerals such as potassium.

9. Squash

NOT the sport, but the yellow odd-shaped vegetable. Squashes are rich in Vitamins just like spinach, but are also rich in Fiber which keeps your digestive tract healthy.

8. Citrus fruit

We are talking about fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, and mandarins. These sour-tasting circular joys of wonder keep us living our everyday lives because they are packed with minerals like Vitamin C, folic acid, and the most famous fiber.

7. Brown Rice

Brown rice is natural rice that is unrefined. Without refinement the rice is much more nutritious. The brown rice has fiber again, magnesium, vitamins, copper, zinc and an abundance of other nutritional minerals.

6. Whole grain crackers

FIBER AGAIN!!!! And you know what that means. Crisp crackers are usually fat free due to the all natural grain wheat.

5. Wild salmon

The Omega 3 fats in wild salmon help reduce the risk of sudden heart attacks. Wild salmon is also known to be more nutritional than farmed salmon.

4. Broccoli

Also known as the mini tree, it has a load of Vitamin C and folic acid. Since broccoli is a plain vegetable you can add a pinch of pepper and maybe a drop of lemon juice, but it hardly affects the broccoli’s nutrition facts

3. Fat Free Milk or 1% milk

This milk is jam-packed with calcium which is good for your teeth and bones. It also has protein. This milk also has less fat than normal milk. If you enjoy drinking soy milk, it is also nutritious like fat free milk.

2. Grape tomatoes

These small baby-like tomatoes are sweeter and firmer than regular tomatoes. They are perfect for whole bites rather than bite by bite. Grape tomatoes are also packed with Vitamins such as vitamin C and A. And again you can obtain fiber by eating grape tomatoes.

1. Sweet potatoes

These orange tubers are packed with potassium and vitamins. And in the end sweet potatoes come with a free package of the most important mineral, FIBER!!

We interviewed some students about what they think is good for your health

Matt states, “Carrots are the bomb”

Tim said, “Salad is the greatest.”

Win said, “Fruit is awesome.”

Sasha exclaimed, “Crème Bruleé”

“I love and think that vegetables are a good source of vitamins,” Robbie stated

Not all these foods are unappetizing, but they are also at times tasty. You don’t have to eat these food items just by themselves to have a healthy diet, but you can add some tasty yummy delicacies that are also healthy to make your meal tasty and also heart healthy

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