After School Dance- Sara

Last Saturday was the registration for the After School Dance (ASD) program. Many people at ISB love dancing and showing off their skills. There are many different choices of dance classes you can join. Some of them include Hip-hop, Jazz, Ballet and Tap. A couple weeks before the registration there were try outs to see what class you would best fit in. You’d have to sign up right outside the Activities Office and go to the MPB the day the sheet of paper stated. The ASD is for all different grade levels ranging from K-12. At the end of the year, there will be two performances at the Chevron Theater. The ES show is at a different time than the MS/HS because there are too many performances to fit into one time slot. The students are not the ones who make up the dances though. The credit goes to the dance teachers who have to make up the choreography and design an outfit that best fits the theme set for the end of the year show. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to do such a thing. The After School Dance production is a great opportunity to make new friends, become better dancers, and of course to have lots of fun!

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