Bad Video Games by Vignesh

There are many bad video games in this world which have already been made and or are still on their way. One of them is GTA San Andreas. This world is all not bad and nasty! There are always more good things than Bad. Always! I heard my friend saying that He read in the news paper that a mental guy who played the game GTA went out to do the real thing! He stopped a cab and stabbed the driver 6 times! Well, poor cab guy. People should not play these games. Maybe about 5% percent out of a hundred do these things. There are more games which are better. I play pro soccer evolution 2007 in my play station portable. You can play sport games, racing games and many more. You can also go to miniclip.com in there are good games. When you play bad video games you get addicted to it. The latest games are very expensive, about 40-50$ each. They may also break friendships. Like First you hang out with your friends a lot, then suddenly you find a bad or cool video game. After some days, you get so addicted that when your friends come to call you to play you tell them to go away. The next day they come again to call you and you get angry and shout at them because you got killed or busted in the game. Your friends shout at you and the friendship breaks. This has happened to a lot of kids. I advise you not to get influenced by these bad games. Play other games for a while and then go out to play so you don’t break your relationship.

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SUDIPTA said...

Good job Vignesh but i liked your examples but how can video games break friend ship.