Do Students want a new subject? Raimy & Oda

Don’t you think it would be fun to have a new subject? Some students are bored of the having the same subjects each year. The 8th graders have been taking the same subjects for three years already, and the Middle School students that we surveyed mostly said they would love to have a new subject.

Six students out of ten said yes, and the other four said no. These are some of the students' opinions.

“A soccer class for me because I like soccer, and I know that other people do too,” said Christian in 7th grade, and Tim, 6th grade, agreed with him.

The last subject that was added to ISB Middle School was Visual Messages, about two years ago. The way the teachers choose to add a new subject is they first see if students want a new subject, and the principle asks the teachers if anyone is willing to teach that subject. If everything works out, and they have a room to teach it in and a teacher to teach it, they put it on Powerschool for students to choose from. If lots of students sign up for it, they keep it. If not, they take back the subject.

The change that was made this year was that PE and Health are together. Before, we had Health in one quarter and we didn’t do any PE. Now, they’re mixed and sometimes it’s pure PE, sometimes it’s pure Health, and sometimes, it’s both together.

If you feel that you are bored of the subjects, just think of a new subject you want, and put your idea in the Think Outside the ‘Box’!

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