Life in the Middle - Toey

This year like the ones in the past, there is ‘Life in the Middle: Publications’ again. Some of you are taking this class and the ones that aren’t will have it as an elective choice for the rest of the year. It is a quarter-long class that allows you to write and publish articles to a blog. The current blog is at http://isblifeinthemiddle.blogspot.com but the older one was at http://isbmiddleschool.blogspot.com, while Mrs. Drahman was here. However, now that she has moved, Dr. Everett is the new teacher. LITM started out as a newspaper about ten years ago. In the beginning, it was only published once or twice a quarter, but it slowly turned into a weekly middle school newspaper, handed out every Friday at the end of the day. In January 2006, however, Life in the Middle turned into an online blog, a place for people to come read and comment on the articles. This saved a lot of paper and was more efficient and simple, with not having to hand them out at the end of every Friday. This made it become a daily publication like it is now.

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