Losing Items in I.S.B.-- Anurag & Pranav

Have you ever lost anything? I think may have or you might because it is really easy to lose Ipod’s, Iphones and cell phones. Since you might lose something someday, it would be to your benefit to be honest and turn all lost stuff into Mr. Straub.

Mr. Straub is the SOAR center guy. He takes care of the announcements, lost and found, dances, photography, student council, synergy, and ROAR!! He is a polite gentleman who helps you out whenever you ask him for help, like information and where to go. Also, he tells you what is going on in the school, and he can also tell you the upcoming events.

If you find a lost item, you can turn it in, and if you lose something you can go to him and he will write it on the announcements so people can search for it. The person who finds the item gets a treat like: a Mars bars, a key chain, or other treats. The teachers will give you more respect since you are doing all this kind stuff. They will also have a better point of view about your reputation.

You get your treat at the Friday Hooha’ in the pit. Have you heard of this policy? HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. So turn in items and you will get a reward.

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