‘Professional’ Hackers- Steve.J

Chinese hackers claim that no sites are safe. This group of hackers even says that they are paid by the Chinese government itself. Xiao Chen, the nickname of the leader of the three ‘professional’ cyber burglars, claims that even the most sensitive sites have weaknesses. The three Chinese have been attacking government and private websites around the world, ambiguously bringing terror to all computer users. Xiao Chen has been hacking for three years, worked with 10,000 different registered users of the hacker’s website. If I’m not wrong, the three hackers claim that they can break in to the pentagon’s system, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. The real danger is that there are thousands of other hackers just as good as Xiao Chen or better. Now our virtual world has become as dangerous as the real world, or worse. Stop going through suspicious websites!

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