Don’t Underestimate Free Hacking Tools- Steve. J

Many of us just think that, hackers require “special” hacking equipment. However people can just download free software from internet. I know you guys would be laughing about “free” software, but do not underestimate free hacking tools. Many of them can take over ISB’s system. Although they are free and easy to use, it is true. Maybe I am wrong about ISB (Since there are like twenty technicians defending the school server), but I am sure about the fact that it will take less than 20 minutes to crack into the wireless network. First of all, you can never ever defend yourself by Kaspersky, Avast, or Norton, etc, unless you are being attacked by worms, Trojans, or viruses. Secondly, never click on items, or icons you didn’t create, unless someone else you know have created them. Lastly, do not send files to people that you do not know. This is a little complicated, but if you send any files to unknown users, they can easily figure out your i.p address by back tracking their own system. By back tracking their system, they can see which i.p address sent the files.

To prevent these hacking tools

1. Don’t click on anything suspicious

2. Don’t send files to unknown users

3. Change your Windows into Linux (probably the best of the choices, hundred times higher security than windows, and computer can turn much more efficient, I use Linux too)

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