Operation Starship - Toey and Ethan

In five weeks, on October 4th, this fall, 35 8th graders are going to the United States of America for Operation Starship (O.S.). The trip is organized by Mrs. Chandler, and she will be one of the chaperones along with Mrs. Rockey and maybe Mr. Souza. Back in April of 2008, many students who were in 7th grade at the time applied for O.S. The application consisted of different questions about the applicant. Students also wrote an essay and got teacher recommendations. After some hard work by Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Rockey, 35 students were chosen to attend the O.S. trip. The students, who made O.S., had to fill out and hand in many forms dealing with passports and permission from parents. The flights that they are going to be on will all be Northwest Airlines and includes going from Bangkok to Narita, Narita to San Francisco, San Francisco to Memphis, and Memphis to Huntsville. This trip will be very exhausting for the students and the chaperones because they will all be very jet-lagged and tired from all the traveling in airplanes. They’re going to Huntsville, Alabama for 5 days at the NASA Space Camp, and then they go to Florida and San Francisco to go to Disney’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom. The NASA Space Camp is going to teach them about NASA and Space, while getting to go through simulations that real astronauts would use to train. They are also going to be visiting the Kennedy Space Center and many other places. The students who made Operation Starship will be missing 8 school days and the Parent/Teacher Conferences, so they will have to make up the work for those 2 weeks’ worth of school. When the students arrive in Bangkok, the October break will have already started. They get back Saturday night and will be back in school after the weeklong October break.

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