Beginning Band Bowling By Raimy

On August 28th, the whole beginning band went to bowl at J Avenue, 15 minutes from ISB. The bowling alleys were filled with excited ISB students waiting to bowl. After everyone had their bowling shoes on, their food orders ready, and names typed up on the screen, the first bowler jumped up on the slippery floor and…. STRIKE!

Friends clapping, cheering, heavy bowling balls hitting the floor, some of them bouncing on the barriers. I believe that the J Avenue bowling alleys never had so many French fries ordered at once, which was about 35 plates. Every lane ordered at least 2 plates, and some of the French fries came when we were leaving. We rushed to finish them, chewing five at a time. We didn’t care what the scores were because we were having so much fun. The good bowlers kept getting strikes and the worse bowlers kept rolling gutter balls. The staff working in the bowling alleys were kept busy fixing lanes, retrieving bowling balls, and serving drinks and food. Mr. Udagawa was having lots of fun too, taking great snapshots of his students striking, bobbing their heads to the music, and just having fun with their friends. Mr. Poling, on the other hand, was checking around, stealing French fries and congratulating strikers.

For all you people that missed it, it was great fun! It was loud, it was chaotic, but it was exciting and a great way to start a new year!

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