Free Download or Cyber Piracy?- Steve. J

All of us, teachers and students do not care about downloading free products from internet. However, for each download we take, we are killing a product. Every one of us, including me, has been downloading “free” music tracks, movies, and games from the internet, without taking much notice for the result. Now it has reached the point where entertainment industries are expressing drastic fear towards cyber piracy. No matter how much people are arrested for cyber-piracy, the number of free download is increasing. 3.6 billion music tracks are downloaded each month, which means each day the music fans are downloading 120 million tracks. Half a million movies are downloaded, a day. Hypothetically, the movie industries are losing 10 million dollars a day; think about 365 days a year. With each download we make, we are killing it, after all the entertainment industries have disappeared, then we will start to realize the mistake we had made. If you wish to download music or movies, at least watch the film or buy the music, and download it.

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